Ryan's Destiny has been fulfilled

Ryan runs faster then he has ever ran in his entire life to Kate's aid as soon as the dragon has tumbled to the ground.

Ryan" Kate my love I know you have been injured but thank you for helping me kill the beast"

Kate" Ryan my love you were incredible you really have skills with your bow"

Ryan" Thank you but it is my fault you got injured hold on I am going to get help for you soon"

Kate" Hey it wasn't your fault it was mine as I didn't watch what the dragon was doing and don't worry about me I will survive"

Ryan lifted Kate up with great ease and placed her gently on the back of his horse after that he tied Kate's horse to his own and then he made haste back home.

Ryan galloped with all his might back home it didn't take him long as he memorized the route back home off by heart so he knew which way to go. After several hours he finally arrived at his destination the place where it all began. Home. 

The End

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