The Battle Ends

Ryan" We are nearly there my love I can feel the dragon's power fading

Kate" Alright I am on it"

Ryan" Don't hold back give it everything you've got"

SUDDENLY Kate gets scratched with the dragon's huge razor sharp claws across her body this causes her to drop her sword and collapse to the ground in pain.


The dragon is standing with great power towering over Kate's body as he laughs in triumph that she is too weak to carry on fighting in the battle.

The dragon" You have lost human now it's time for you to say goodbye"


With that cry Ryan aims arrow with all his might straight at the dragon's heart. Bulls eye. The sharp, beautiful, deadly arrow connects with the dragon's heart and kills him stone dead just in the nick of time as any minute longer and Kate would of been a goner.

Kate witnessed the whole event unfold as she was on the ground holding onto her wound that stretched from her right shoulder to her left shoulder.

The End

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