Let the Battle commence

The dragon glides gracefully down towards Ryan and Kate as he wants to talk to his challengers before the battle begins.

Kate" The dragon"

Ryan" Yeah but wait I think it wants to talk to u"

Kate" What but that's crazy"

The dragon" You are correct Dragon born I do want to talk to you before the battle commences"

Kate" What no way this is impossible"

The dragon" It is highly possible as you are witnessing and the dragon born knew I wanted to speak with you"

Kate" What you did?"

Ryan" So that was the feeling I got when you first appeared"

The dragon" Yes it was and I am willing to accept your challenge of battle"

Kate" That's good as your going down for what you've done over the past 10 years"

The dragon" Fine but just so you know before we begin that I only accept the challenge against worthy opponents ones that prove they are strong willed and brave"

Ryan" I see so when you saw that were weren't afraid of you teasing us you knew that we were worthy"

The dragon" Yes that is why I teased you in the first place it was a test and you both passed it"

Kate" Great and enough talk"

dragon" Yes you are right enough talk let' get started"

Ryan" Yeah let's are you ready My love"

Kate" Yes ready and waiting"

The dragon" Let's begin NOW"

Kate and Ryan stand side by side as they work as a team to take the dragon down as they know they have more of a chance to defeat the dragon working together as a team.

Kate decides to use her Daedric sword to battle against the dragon in close combat as she has experience and well developed skills in close combat.

Ryan decides to use is Daedric bow to battle against the dragon in long ranged combat as he has experience and well developed precision in long ranged weapons.

The battle was long and both sides fought courageously and with great honour but Kate and Ryan knew that the dragon was weakening as it was charging carelessly where as before it was battling against them with its wits.

The End

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