The final Quest to fulfil Ryan's Destiny Begins

4 days. That's how long it took for Ryan and Kate to find the dragon's tracks to follow to it's lair. The trail lead them both to the highest mountain in all of skyrim this Mountain is called Throat of the World and it towers over the world as the rest of the world bows down to it's power.

Kate" The dragon will b near by be on your guard"

Ryan" Alright we can do this"

Kate and Ryan walk very cautiously however the dragon had other plans as it was flying just above them but it was using the clouds to surround his entire body in a fluffy cover.
 The dragon wanted to wait till his prey were both off guard and then he would strike them as they would never see it coming.

Kate" I wonder where the dragon is the tracks end here so it has to be here somewhere"

Ryan" Maybe the tracks are wrong as there is no way the dragon is here as we would of seen him by now"

Kate" Maybe it is hiding somewhere"

Ryan" Look around you there is nowhere it could hide"

Suddenly the dragon swooped the speed of a bullet past them both as it wanted them to know that the dragon was there and also he wanted to strike fear into their hearts to test if they were cowards.

As cowards were a waste of time to the dragon as he would only battle those who are worthy and those were the people that were brave and would have the strength to battle through anything.

Kate" What the hell was that?"

Ryan" I think that was our dragon and I think it is messing with us"

Kate" The sneaky bugger it knew we were here it has been watching us and it has been waiting for the perfect moment to strike"

Ryan" I  in that case we won't let it have the perfect moment to strike"

Kate" Good point you hear us dragon we are here waiting and we are not afraid of you"

The dragon witnessed with his very own ancient, wondering eyes that these two humans were not afraid and were worthy opponents for the dragon to battle.

The dragon thought to himself well if it is a battle they want then it is a battle they will get ok humans let the battle begin.

The End

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