Reporting the News to Family

Kate and Ryan traveled back home to break the news to their parents about Ryan becoming the Dragon born and that he had completed the quests the Greybeards set him to complete.

Ryan" Mother, farther I return as not only your son but as a Dragon born as well"

Emora and Valer" My son so the prophecy that was predicted the day you were born was true then"

Ryan" Yes it was true and now I am going to go and face the dragon alone"

Kate" Hang on a minute there is no way I am going to let you face that dragon alone"

Ryan" Kate you can't go with me it's not safe for you to go with me"

Kate" Tough I am not letting you go alone and I can handle myself"

Ryan"I know but I would never forgive myself if you got hurt"

Kate" Well you better be a good defense come on let's go"

Ryan thought to himself that he knew all too well that Kate was too stubborn for her own good and the only way this would end is if she went along with him.

Ryan" Well I know I am not going to win so I guess you can come with me"

Kate" No you would never win your right and yay thank you let's get going then"

Ryan" Ok then"

Kate" I love you"

Ryan " I love you too"

With that Kate and Ryan mounted a horse each as it would be easier then using the carriage.

Kate and Ryan galloped away and it didn't take long for their hometown to fade away in the distance they both knew that what happened against the dragon would change their way of life forever they had to win no matter what.

The thought of them losing made them feel sick inside as if all the hope had been sucked from the world and out of their very souls they would win and make the world a better place.

The End

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