Returning the Horn Of Jurgen

Ryan" Kate my love I have the horn of Jurgen we must return to the Greybeards"

Kate" OK get in dragon born"

Ryan and Kate made haste to return to the Greybeard's sanctuary as the sooner they got back and gave them the horn the sooner they could battle against the dragon and put an end to all the suffering.

After a couple of hours they arrive back and Ryan dashes out of the carriage to give the Greybeards the horn.

Ryan"Greybeards I have returned with the Horn of Jurgen just like you requested"

The Greybeards" Thank you Dragon born you have no completed your final test"

Ryan" Awesome so can I go after the dragon now?"

The Greybeards" Yes you can go after the dragon as you have proven that you are truly dragon born"

Ryan" Thank you and I will make everyone proud"

The Greybeards" You have already made everyone proud but go now and complete you destiny good luck my friend"

Ryan" Thank you for everything and thanks for wishing me luck but I don't need luck"

The quest that Ryan went on to seek knowledge hungrily was now completed and with that he waved goodbye to the Greybeards as they were another chapter of his life that he had completed and it was time he moved on so the next chapter could enfold.

The End

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