The Horn Of Jurgen Windcaller

Ryan" Kate my love it is true I am now officially a dragon born"

Kate" That is incredible I just knew it"

Ryan" I know but first before I can face against the dragon and save everyone from destruction I need to find the horn of Jurgen wind caller"

Kate" Really is that the final test?"

Ryan" Yes it is then the dragon is as good as dead"

Kate" What are we waiting for then do you know where it is located?"

Ryan" I do it is at Jurgen wind caller's burial site"

Kate" Ok then let's get going"

Ryan" Ok let's go"

Ryan and Kate set off on their journey it didn't take them long to arrive at their destination as they were still using Kate's carriage to travel which made arriving at their destinations really quick and with little effort.

Kate" Here we are Jurgen Wind caller's burial site"

Ryan dashed out of the carriage to look for the horn he discovered that there was a cave located in front of him so he knew that the horn would be inside and no matter what dangers would confront him he would face them no matter what.

Ryan walked in and found a sword lying on the floor which was a draught sword and he knew it  would be perfect for defending himself against the threats lurking hidden in the shadows. Right on cue after Ryan had the sword in his hand the undead creatures called the draught materialized from the endless pit of darkness.

Ryan with great ease slashed his way through all the draught that confronted him and after killing more of them then he could remember he finally arrived at a platform full of coffins. The horn had to be inside one of those coffins but as soon as Ryan set one foot towards the coffins a draught deathlord approached Ryan by dragging his sword.

Ryan managed to roll out of the way of the Deathlord devastating blow that would of wiped Ryan clean off his feet ready for the Deathlord to use his death blow attack to finish him off.

The battle too many attacks as the deathlord was difficult to take down but eventually Ryan managed to swing his sword with all his might and take the beast down.

Ryan" Stay down and stay dead this time"

The Draught Deathlord collapsed to the floor in defeat against its enemy. Ryan ran over to the coffin and sure enough he found the horn of Jurgen that he had been looking for and with that he left the cave running all the way back to his loved one.

The End

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