Let the Test begin

The Greybeards" Shout this as loud as you can fus ro dah"


Suddenly something happened a powerful force enveloped in Ryan's shout a strong earth shaking power irrupted from the shout that the earth bowed down to it's power.

Ryan" What just happened?"

The Greybeards" My child you just used a dragon shout"

Ryan" I did?"

The Greybeards" Yes and this one in particular will allow you to absorb the soul of every dragon you defeat in battle"

Ryan" That sounds cool and all but how does that help me?"

The Greybeards" It helps you as the more dragon souls you absorb the more dragon shouts you can learn which will make the battles against dragons much easier"

Ryan" That is incredible so is it true I am dragon born"

The Greybeards" Yes my child the rumors can now be put to rest as you are from this day forward dragon born"

Ryan" That is fantastic I finally have the chance to save everyone from the dragon"

The Greybeards" Hold on a second there is still one more test you need to complete before I can allow you to face the dragon"

Ryan" Name it anything"

The Greybeards" I like your enthusiasm find for me the horn of Jurgen wind caller and bring it back to us"

Ryan" Sure no problem where is it located?"

The Greybeards" It is located in Ustengrav at the Jurgen Wind caller's burial site"

Ryan" Alright I will go and retrieve the item for you"

The Greybeards" Thank you Dragon born"

Ryan" Thank you Greybeards"

With that Ryan left with ecstattic excitement as he finally knew who he was as a person.

Ryan thought to himself I better go and find Kate and then we can both look for the horn together and she will be over the moon about me being a dragon born she always had a feeling I was.

The End

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