The Greybeards

The carriage came to a sudden halt as it arrived at the gates of the sanctuary.

Kate" I am sorry my love but this is as far as I can go with you good luck" 

Ryan" Don't worry about it my love and thank you"

Kate kissed Ryan gently on his forehead before he left the carriage as she wanted a part of her to still be with him while he was inside.  As Kate watched Ryan leaving the carriage in deep concentration she wished deep in her heart that she was given permission to enter too but that wasn't possible.

Ryan walked slowly into the sanctuary as soon as he was a safe distance inside the iron gates closed behind him keeping him trapped inside. Ryan thought to himself well there is no turning back now and besides I can't give up when I am so close to finding out the truth.

The Greybeards" Welcome to our sanctuary"

Ryan" Hello are you the greybeards?"

The Greybeards" Yes we are and state your name"

Ryan" My name is Ryan Astbury"

The Greybeards" Awwwwww the one that everyone in his town believes he is the chosen one"

Ryan" How did you know that?"

The Greybeards" We know everything that happens all across Skyrim and it is because we know about that we sent you an invitation here"

Ryan" Oh I am sorry I didn't mean to cause any offense please forgive me"

The Greybeards" My dear boy you didn't cause any offense now enough let's get down to business"

Ryan" Yeah let's"

The Greybeards" Now Ryan for us to discover if you truly are Dragon born we will have a series of test for you to take"

Ryan" Right ok and what happens if I pass or fail them?"

The Greybeards" If you pass all the tests then it will prove you are dragon born and we will present to you a quest you must fulfil"

Ryan" Right ok that sounds simple enough"

The Greybeards" It is however if you fail these tests then you will be banished and you will never be able to return here ever again"

Ryan" That seems harsh don't you think"

The Greybeards" It is the rules of our society now let's begin the tests Ryan Astbury"

Ryan" Well I am ready"

The Greybeards" Good now we will test your thu' um so your voice"

Ryan" You are testing the power of my voice why?"

The Greybeards" We are testing the power of your voice as if you are Dragon born then you can use this power to your advantage against the dragons in battle"

Ryan thought to himself the Greybeards are completely insane but hey I have to do what they say as they ill enlighten who I really am.

The End

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