The Quest of Discovery

Ryan went into his bedroom so he could get dressed in presentable clothing ready for the Greybeards it didn't take him long to sort himself out for the day.

After a short while he saw his parents sat in each others embrace as he was leaving his home to start his journey of self discovery. The answers to some of his questions would be finally answered. 

  He wasn't going through it alone as his girlfriend Kate was extremely stubborn and when she made up her mind there was no going back. Her stubbornness was one of the many features that made him feel so attracted to her from the first time he ever met her at the age of 10.

Time went by so quickly and that he just realized that today marked the spot of them being a couple for 10 years he knew he had to take it to the next level soon as his very soul won't hold back any longer he wanted to claim her for his own legally.

Happiness, warmth, passion all rushed through his body as he saw standing before him was the love of his life. The person that whoever created the human race decided that she was the women for him.  

Everyday Ryan woke up feeling like he was on top of the world all due to the strength she gave him in her acting herself and holding him in a caring,passionate and loving embrace.

Ryan" Kate  my love your here"

Kate" Yes I am here are you ready?"

Ryan" Yes I am ready and I am pleased you convinced me that you should come with me"

Kate" Hey it's what girlfriends do and there was no way I would let you do it alone"

Ryan" Thank you"

Ryan kissed Kate's tender perfectly shaped lips that as soon as both their lips touched an explosion of love filled his whole body and gave him the strength to do anything in the world.

Kate" That was breath taking and I hate to interrupt it but we have to go"

Ryan" Yeah it was breath taking and your right let's go"

Kate and Ryan step in the same pace as each other into the carriage.

Many hours later the carriage arrives to the entrance of the Greybeard's sanctuary the moment had finally arrived to see if what their whole town predicted was true and that Ryan was not only dragon born but the first ever dragon born to be recorded  in history.

The End

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