10 Years Later

Time where has it gone? 

That is the question that as you get older you start to realize how time passes us by it feels like every time we blink a year has gone by.

This feeling develops and starts becoming worse as if time itself is closing in all around you.

I sit here wondering what happened and where the last 10 years have evaparated in the palm of my hands it's not like I have any regrets I have witnessed my son growing and turning into a strong, caring man.

I am still with my wife Emora that means the world to me and she knows deep in her soul that my body and soul is hers for the taking and is ready to do whatever she commands of me.

I wonder what today will bring and whether it is true that what was predicted 20 years ago about my only child is true. Today is an important and also life changing day for my son as he will finally discover whether he is dragon born and with this news he will know what his purpose is in life.

Will we finally be set free from the chains that bind us all so tightly that it feels like everyday becomes harder and more difficult for us to breathe. 

Madness, chaos, killings.

That is all that will be left when the people of this town feel like they can't breathe anymore and everyone will turn on each other to fight for their own survival in a world where no one will be safe ever again.

Valer stopped.

What had become of him writing such madness in his diary if anyone witnessed these words they would lock him away from his family for insanity for sure.

He decided to make a quick note to make sure that the words contained in pure black writing would never be seen through another human beings eyes.

Valer thought to himself I feel sick inside as I never keep secrets from my family but this I would have to take willingly to my grave if Emora or Ryan read these words inscribed in the diary then it would bring them a lifetime of despair.

Valer closed the leather bind book and hid it away under his pillow as he knew it would be the only place that his wife and son would least expect to look.

Just in time. As Valer finished laying the book under his pillow and placed the soft, fluffy, caring pillow back over the book Ryan walked into the room.

Ryan" Hello farther how are you today?"

Valer" Hello son I am very well and how are you today?"

Ryan" I am good but I am nervous about later on today"

Valer" I know that you will do yourself proud and I believe that you are the savior"

Ryan" Thanks but what if I mess up and I am not everyone's savior what do I do then?"

Valer" Hey I think you are and even if you aren't just be honest with everyone"

Ryan" But what happens if everyone hates me because of it"

Valer" No one will hate you for trying you best"

Ryan" I guess you have a point I just want to save everyone"

Valer" You always have you and Kate are so alike"

Ryan" Yeah me and my girlfriend are you have a point there"

Valer" True just remember to try your best now you better go and get ready"

Ryan" Your right i have to go soon and Kate will be annoyed at me if I am not ready on time"

Valer" She will and so will your mother"

Ryan" Good point thanks for the advise see you later"

Valer" Your welcome now go and make me proud my son"

Ryan" I am on it "

With that Ryan left to get ready for his meeting with the Greybeards as they are an ancient and honored  order that live in the highest mountain peek in Skyrim. The Mountain is called the Throat of the World and only if you are believed to be dragon born will you ever be worthy enough to enter their sanctuary.

Valer prayed to the god he believed in which was Mara as she was the goddess of love he grabbed the chain that was rapped around his neck so he could hold the amulet of Mara in his hand. 

He sent her a prey "Mara my goddess that I worship please send your love and wisdom to my son while he is on his journey to discover if he is truly the dragon born thank you for listening"

Now all he and his wife could do was sit together at home and wait for the events to unfold.

The End

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