Bonding together

Ryan" Here we are"

Kate" It's beautiful out here"

Ryan" Yeah it is I spend a lot of my time here as I enjoy the view"

Kate" The view is beautiful"

Ryan" Yes it is and I thought it would be the perfect place for us both to get to know each other better"

Kate" Ok that sounds like a good idea to me"

Ryan" Great then let's get started"

Kate" Ok who is going to ask the questions first though?"

Ryan" It doesn't matter but I wouldn't be much of a gentlemen if I went first so as the saying goes ladies first"

Kate" Ok thank you that is really sweet of you"

Ryan" I am just being polite but your welcome"

Kate" I appreciate it ok do you like me for more then my looks?"

Ryan" Of course I do but you do look really beautiful and your a kind person"

Kate" What? how can you tell?"

Ryan" I just know you see I can tell what someone is like inside"

Kate" That sounds really cool, what does it say about me?"

Ryan" It says that your a kind, hard working person that tries to solve other people's problems"

Kate" That is incredible ok it is your turn now"

Ryan" Do you like me for more then my looks?"

Kate" That easy of course I like you for more then your looks as the moment I came here today and when I saw you for the first time I felt a connection with you"

Ryan" For real what kind of connection?"

Kate" I don't know but if I had to guess I think I am in love with you"

Ryan is shocked with excitement as he has never had a girl feel the way he has about him never mind love at first sight.

Ryan" Really? it's strange"

Kate" What is strange?"

Ryan" I think I feel the same way too"

Kate" Really you mean that?"

Ryan" I do if you mean that you feel like a happiness is filling you up inside whenever you are with me"

Kate"Yeah that is exactly how I feel when I am with you"

Ryan" Then we are in love with each other"

Kate" That is true as my mother told me I would feel this way when I fall in love with someone"

Ryan" Really?"

Kate" Yeah what should we do about it?"

Ryan"We should learn what love is together if you want to?"

Kate" Of course I want to"

Ryan" Then maybe we could kiss to make it official"

Kate"I don't know I have never kissed a guy before"

Ryan "I have never kissed a girl before let's find out what it feels like"

Kate"Ok then I am ready"

Kate and Ryan leaned in towards each other the nerves shot through both of them as this was a whole new life changing experience that they were going through together.

After a few minutes however it felt like second nature to them and they both developed one another in a deep,passionate kiss. As they wanted to show the entire world that love at first sight does exist and that it can happen to anyone at any age.

After a good few solid minutes of them kissing each other they decided they should stop.

Ryan" That was incredible I have never felt this good in all my life"

Kate" I agree it was just I don't know words can't describe how good it felt"

Ryan" We should do it more often"

Kate" Do you think our parents would approve"

Ryan" I don't see why not as we aren't doing any harm"

Kate" True you have a good point"

Ryan" Yeah oh we better get back as it is starting to get dark"

Kate" Ok good idea let's go"

Ryan" Ok"

Ryan and Kate stood up and they decided to run home holding hands as they wanted to look after each other safe from any and all dangers.

Kate thought to herself I know we didn't ask each other many questions before we kissed each other. But there was something there like as soon as we both laid eyes on each other for the first time it is like we knew each other all our lives. With a feeling like that I don't think we needed to ask questions and we never will have to again.

It didn't take long for Kate and Ryan to get back to their parents and they managed to hold hands all the way which they were both proud of each other for.

The End

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