Lives Intertwine page 2

Ryan" Mother I am here"

Emora" Oh good you need to get ready for the guest that is arriving very shortly"

Ryan" Mother why are you and Farther so excited about the guest?"

Emora" I can't tell you that you will have to wait and see"

Ryan" Oh Mother that isn't fair"

Emora" Tough now go and get dressed in your best clothes"

Ryan" Ok mother I will just for you"

Emora" Thank you my dear off you go now"

Ryan ran up the smooth,wooden. polished staircase to his bedroom so he could do as his mother asked and change into his formal clothing.

Ryan wore a white formal top with white ruffled sleeves and some black slim breath taking trousers to match the top.

As soon as Ryan had his formal clothes on he rushed downstairs by taking two steps at a time as curiosity was driving him mad.

The one question that was slowly destroying his sanity was "Who is this guest that my parents are so excited that I meet today?"

The moment Ryan arrived into the kitchen he saw both of his parents waiting eagerly and they were looking at something. Ryan knew he had to go and see what caught his parents attention.

There it was at his door step was a beautiful,wooden,expensive black horse and carriage standing proudly and awaiting for command.

Emora,Valer and Ryan were all breath taken at how beautiful the carriage was they had never seen one before in their entire life. They heard stories about them but even so it still blew their minds on how accurate the story tellers were about the magic behind the carriage.

The coachmen gracefully jumped down from the carriage so he could open the carriage door an assist the passengers out of the carriage. There was two people that left a man and a young girl who looked lost and her face revealed that she questioned why the man she was with brought her here.

Valer" Marcus you came it's so good to see you"

Marcus" Valer that's really you wow you have aged well these past 10 years"

Valer" Thank you and so have you my friend"

Marcus" Thank you and I know this is your beautiful wife and my gosh this must be your child"

Valer" Yes that is my wife and my son"

Marcus" They look beautiful and my your son has grown"

Valer" Yes he sure has"

Emora" Welcome Marcus and who is this lovely young lady you have brought along with you?"

Marcus" This lovely young lady is my daughter Kate Sinclair"

Emora" My she is really beautiful"

Marcus" Thank you"

Valer" Anyway our children look lost we better introduce each other"

Marcus" Yes we better had"

Emora" I will do the honours"

Ryan and Kate looked at Emora eagerly awaiting for her to introduce everyone to them both.

Emora" My name is Emora and Kate this is my son Ryan Astbury"

Ryan" It is really nice to meet you"

Kate" It is really nice to meet you too"

Emora" This is my husband Valer"

Kate" It is nice to meet you"

Valer" It is nice to meet you Kate"

Marcus" As you probably already know my name is Marcus and I am Kate's farther"

Ryan" It is nice to meet you and you have a beautiful daughter"

Valer" I like this kid"

Emora and Valer" Why thank you Valer and we like your daughter"

Valer" Ok Ryan and Kate why don't you both go and play together"

Ryan and Kate" Sure ok"

So Ryan and Kate set off to run towards the hill that wasn't far away from home so they could spend time together just the two of them.

The End

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