Lives Intertwine

Lives Intertwine

10 years have passed since that delightful and life changing day which affected so many people. Til this very day it still spirals around in a never ending cycle in the town people's mind.

As they believe that the boy who was born on this day is destined to be the savior of them all.

How will he save so many lives?

Well that's obvious as if he is successfully completes a series of tests that will push him to the brink of his abilities then as the legend states he will be known as dragon born.
This isn't a task to be taken lightly as many life threatening dangers will threaten to end his life.

But I believe in my son and no matter what challenges he may have to face in his life or the next I know deep in my very soul he WILL PREVAIL.

A day doesn't pass by that I can't believe that it's my son's 10th birthday today already.

It feels like only yesterday that he was brought into this world so he could lend his caring hand to his loved ones.

After adding his finishing touches to his journal Valer went outside to eagerly find his son. As today was the day that he would be able to introduce Ryan to Marcus's only child his daughter Kate Sinclair.

Valer shouting " Ryan where are you?"

Ryan" I am over here farther"

Valer" I should of known you would be out here practising your archery and hand combat skills"

Ryan" Of course I need to protect you from any dangers that might appear"

Valer" Now son I told you before we are safe here nothing is going to harm us"

Ryan" What about the dragons they could attack at any time"

Valer" Even if the dragons do attack we have guards to fight against them so dragons will never get close enough to harm us"

Ryan" Even so I want to be ready for if they ever do break our defences"

Valer places his hand on his son's shoulder to make him feel more at ease as he is wooried his son is worrying over matters that he shouldn't at his age.

Valer" Look I didn't train you on how to use weapons so you worry about this sort of thing just get it out of your mind"

Ryan" But"

Valer getting annoyed at his son for not listening to what he is trying to tell him about.

Valer angry" BUT NOTHING I have told you now to let it go and that is exactly what you will do now do you understand me?"

Ryan in a very shy voice" Yes farther I understand"

Valer" What was that ?I didn't hear you speak up"

Ryan much louder " Yes farther I understand"

Valer" Good that's my boy I don't mean to get angry I am only doing this for your protection as I would never forgive myself if you were harmed"

Ryan" Thank you farther and I would never forgive myself if I let anything happen to you"

Valer" Ok enough of this soppy talk we have a very unquie guest coming round today for your birthday"

Ryan" Really who are they?"

Valer" You will find out soon they should be here in 5 minutes"

Emora shouting outside from within the house "RYAN"

Valer" Looks like your mother is calling you off you go now"

Ryan" Ok see you later Dad I love you"

Valer" See you later son I love you  too"

Ryan ran off towards his mother's call which was echoing from the house and being carried on the spiraling winds of the outside world.

Valer stood looking towards as he watched his son running towards the house he thought to himself that's my boy and I hope he takes an interest to our guest.

The End

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