Emora and Valer's Happiest day of their life

The double soft,cosy, warm bed consumed Emora's body the second it was placed onto the bed. Emora still felt the fierce pain that she never experienced before in her life flowing through her body.

Marcus" That is better now Valer stand on your wife's right hand side and hold onto her hand as this will help to sooth her while she gives birth to your child"

Valer didn't hesitate to do what Marcus instructed him to do as anything that would make his wife feel more comfortable he was more then willing to comply. 

Marcus" Ok then thank you Emora for holding back the baby as long as possible for me and your husband to get into position but now its time to stop holding back your child"

Emora" Ok Marcus I am ready"

Marcus "Good I am pleased to hear that right now I need you to push until I tell you to stop"

Marcus" Are you ready?"

Emora" I am ready"

Marcus" Good I am pleased to hear now PUSH Emora"

Emora tried with all her might to push her child through the opening that was expanding for her child. This is so the child can finally escape into the world that Emora had been eagerly awaiting to show to her child.

Marcus" That's it Emora your doing extremely well, you are almost there"

Emora's strength was depleting rapidly the more she tried to push her child out of her body.

Marcus" That's it Emora last push now come on I know you can do it"

Valer was soothingly holding onto Emora's hand through the whole operation as he would never let go until she got through this. He knew deep in his very soul that his wife could do this as she was so close now the wait was nearly over.

Emora gave one final push that she put her remaining strength into. She hoped that was the final push as she didn't have the strength to keep going as all her strength was sucked out of her body.

Marcus" That's it Emora you have done it you can stop pushing now as the baby is visible"

The second after Marcus told Emora that she didn't need to push anymore he cut the umbilical cord with a pair of shiny steel scissors he brought with him in his black charcoal briefcase.

Marcus handed the baby to Emora and told the parents that it was a boy.

The moment the parents lay their loving, excited gaze on their baby the baby stopped crying instantly as it was staring at it's parents.

The baby had beautiful dark brown hair and gleaming brown eyes to match it's hair colour. Instinct told the child that he was finally united with his parents and that they would always keep him safe.

Marcus" That is a really beautiful boy, have you thought of a name for him yet?"

Valer and Emora said proudly that "their child will be called Ryan Astbury"

Marcus" That is a really lovely name for a boy"

Valer" Thank you Marcus we thought about the name for a while now and we both agreed it would fit perfectly"

Marcus" Congratulations on the birth of your child, it was an honor to be at your service for this tremendous birth"

Emora" Thank you as you helped me through the whole process, is there any way I can repay your kindness?"

Marcus" It was nothing, oh before I go I need you both to sign his birth certificate"

Valer" Ok I will sign it first and then my wife, does that sound good to you dear?"

Emora" Yes that sounds good to me love"

Valer took the quill from Marcus's right hand and then gracefully signed his name at the bottom of the birth certificate,then he handed Marcus the quill back  after that he walked over to his wife so she could carefully hand Ryan into his arms.

Marcus moved towards the bed so Emora could sign the birth certificate as well and with that Ryan Astbury's birth became official.

Marcus" Ok now that your child's birth certificate has been signed by you both I better be on my way".

Marcus was about to leave when he remembered something he needed to say.

Marcus" Oh before I got Valer you need to make sure your wife has plenty of rest and that you make sure all her basic needs are taken care of"

Valer" Ok Marcus understood thank you for everything you have done for me and my family and god bless you"

Emora" Yeah thank you and god bless you"

Marcus" Thank you for your kind words, well I better be off I can see myself out goodbye"

Emora and Valer said together "Goodbye Marcus"

Valer" My dear wife you heard what Marcus said you need your shut eye, I will look after our son while your asleep"

Emora" Thank you Valer I highly appreciate you taking care of me, goodnight my love and goodnight my son"

Emora kissed her husband with a deep passion that channeled their love for each other and then she kissed her son's forehead before she collapsed into a long deep sleep.

Valer stood at the side of the comfortable, alluring, irresistible double bed as he was mesmerized at how peaceful and purely beautiful his wife and child are.

I am the luckiest man in the world is what Valer thought to himself with joy, as he careful slipped into bed beside his wife.

Valer didn't want to fall asleep as no dream could ever be as beautiful and make him feel shrouded in happiness as when he was awake.

The End

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