A New Child Is Born

Marcus said to his patient " What is your name my dear?"

Emora replied in a weakened state " My name is Emora Astbury"

Valer stood in the far corner of the kitchen as he wanted to ensure that Marcus had all the space he required to perform his duty for his wife.

Marcus" Hello there Emora now listen to me your baby is on its way so what I need you to do is to follow my instructions then you will be able to get through this birth"

Emora" Ok Marcus I will follow your instructions just tell me what I need to do"

Marcus shouted to Valer " I need your help to carry your wife to the bedroom so she can lie on your bed" 

Valer responded instantly and without hesitation to Marcus "Of course I will help you as you know what is best for my wife right now" 

Valer moved from the right hand side corner that he was previously standing so he was near his wife. Valer gently picked up his wife's legs while Marcus gently grabbed Emora's arms and then with great ease and precision they carried her through to the bedroom.

The End

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