Valer's Mission

Valer ran at such a speed he could feel the wind rushing past his intense body. The buildings flew past his vision at the speed of light until what he had been searching for came into his frame of vision.

The medical facility was in arms reach of Valer so without hesitation he ran straight into the building. As he knew that the people he would find inside would help his wife in ways he never could.

As soon as Valer ran into the building he found a young blonde human sitting in the corner developed in his own thoughts. Valer didn't want to disturb him in his thoughts but he knew deep in his heart, that the reason why his wife was so pessimistic about needing aid is she was in a life or death situation.

Valer walked proudly to the young blonde man in a kind manner and said "Excuse me"

The young man looked up to see who was calling his attention, then he looked up to see a young dark brown haired man standing in front of him.

The young blonde man" Hello there who are you and how can I help you?"

Valer"My name is Valer Astbury and it is an emergency as my wife is about to give birth to my first unborn child" 

"Please will you help me"

The young blonde man" it's nice to meet you Valer Astbury my name is Marcus Sinclair and I would be more then happy to help your wife in her time of need"

Valer" Oh why I can't thank you enough but we must move quickly as I think the baby is due at any moment"

Marcus" Ok Valer I am ready when you are show me the way"

Marcus grabbed his black bag of medicine and then they were off. Valer and Marcus left the hospital facility and ran as fast as their body would allow them so they could help Emora through this life changing experience, that her body was getting prepared with all the resources it has available at its disposal to deliver the child.

Emora  was standing in the kitchen as the pain subsided for now but she knew it would return so she was  preying that her husband would find aid quickly as she didn't know what to do. FEAR. Consumed her as she heard rumours that sometimes when women give birth they die in the process.

Emora decided now was a good time as any to prey to god. 

"Dear god I hope that my unborn child and myself survive this life changing experience that can lead down the dark road of the abyss, but if I don't make it out of this alive then allow my child to live on in my place AMEN".

Just as Emora finished her prey her husband and a stranger ran into the house. Emora only assumed that the stranger was in her home to help her get through what was about to happen, and hopefully to put those rumours that haunted her very soul and clouded her vision to rest.

Valer" My love this is Marcus Sinclair he is a doctor and he will help you so you can deliver our unborn child"

Emora" Thank you my love of my life for finding someone to aid me in my time of need and hello Marcus Sinclair for being my saviour"

Marcus Sinclair " You are more then welcome it is an honour to help people with kind, generous and pure souls"

Then SUDDENLY before there was anymore time for discussion Emora felt another pain that shot through her whole body. As if someone stabbed her all across her body to make sure she suffered as much pain as possible.

This made Emora to start falling slowly to the ground but luckily Marcus swooped in to catch Emora before she collapsed to the floor in pain. Marcus looked into his paitient's eyes with kindness to make it known to her that he means no harm will come to her while he is performing his duty.

The End

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