Valer & Emora

10 years after the dragons first awakened

A human women called Emora Astbury who has brown silky hair that glisterns in the moonlight, her eyes shine with happiness and the wonders in the world she isn't able to do much as she is heavily pregnant with her first child. 

The thought of her having a child makes tears of happiness and joy flood her eyes every time the thought crosses her mind. These thoughts that were starting to consume her were suddenly interrupted when her young, handsome, kind, heroic and loving husband who  walked through the door and placed his caring warm hand on her shoulder.

Emora turned to face the love of her life. Valer gently placed his kind,caring reassuring hand so he can channel his loving affections to the one true person he was destined to be with.

Valer" Emora how are you doing my love?"

Emora" I am well my love thank you for your kind caring words,your don't need to worry about me as me and the baby are fine". 

Valer"As long as you are sure the baby is fine and as long as your happy then I am too"

Emora" Of course I am happy as I feel a happiness like I have never felt before".

                    "How was work today?"

Valer" Work went well thank you for asking, now let's have some dinner"

Emora" I can make the dinner it isn't any trouble"

Valer" It's not a problem for me to make the dinner, besides you need to relax as much as possible as the baby is due anytime now".

Emora" Well as long as you are sure then ok thank you"

Valer" Anything to make you feel comfortable my love"

Emora and Valer sat around their smooth wooden table. They were both sat comfortably on their smooth irresistible wooden chairs that stood proudly in their kitchen that radiated with happiness and inner peace. 

The table was laid out in a romantic fashion with white illuminating candles that surrounds the room giving it a warm friendly feel that surrounds you and shrouds you with happiness. 

Silver. was the metal that their cutlery that crowded the table with it's irresistible gleam from the candle light. The food of choice for the evening was venison which is fresh from the deer that Valer killed earlier in the day. Vegetables engulfed what was left on their plates.

Emora and Valer ate their dinner at a peaceful and steady rhythm as if they both had all the time in the world to eat together. Several minutes later Emora and Valer finished their meal with much satisfaction.

Emora" Thank you for the meal it was really delicious"

Valer"Your more then welcome I am pleased that you enjoyed it"

Emora" Of course I did as you made it for me and it is only fair that I wash the dishes"

Valer" As long as you are sure that you can manage"

Emora" Yes I am sure I can handle it thank you for looking after me though"

Emora carefully moved the dishes into the gleaming kitchen sink, it didn't take long for her to carefully place the last dish into the sink ready for them to be cleansed.

Suddenly something didn't feel right to Emora a pain that she never experienced in her entire life shot through her body and made her paralysed. Valer rushed over as if his life depended on it as he desperately needed to know what was happening with his wife.

Emora" My love I suddenly feel a nerve wrecking pain one that I do not recognize, it must be the baby"

Valer" My dear wife that means more to me then my very soul I am here for you and I will run to get aid"

Emora" Make haste my love I can feel the baby trying to push it's way out of my body as it can't wait to explore the world with its own eyes".

Valer kissed his wife's beautiful,irresistible, soft lips then before Emora could blink Valer rushed out of the house to find someone that could help Emora to deliver her unborn child. 

The End

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