Fear a Dragons best friend

One day that was the same as any other something changed and drove every species to be terrified and turn on each other. As all the species knew of the legend of the dragons and if the dragons ever returned only the dragon born would be able to fight this deadly, ancient and very powerful villain. 

The people heard something in the sky and they all stood there horrified as the people desperately wanted to know what creature could be heard high above them.
Then the unknown creature decided to reveal it's identity to the people so it could strike the fear of realisation into their hearts.

The unknown creature swooped down from it's clouded cloak that shrouded the creature's body and kept it hidden. The creature moved in closer towards the citizens of Skyrim the moment the creature was in view point a male human cried "So the legends are true dragons really exist and now they are back". 

After that every different species blamed the other for what had happened and accused them of being the reason why the dragons came back after thousands of years. Once all of this happened ever species decided to go their seperate ways as they couldn't trust each other as everything changed and the world they knew would never be the same again.

Even though every species went their seperate ways they were never too far away from where it all began. As one day they knew that the legend also stated that when the dragons return a dragon born would be brought into this world. As they will be the only one with enough strength, skill, knowledge and wisdom to defeat the dragons that are trying to consume the land.

However many people tried to fight against the dragons but none prevailed this happened for many years and the people were starting to loose hope that Skyrim would never be the same again.

The End

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