The Beginning

This a request I received from my good friend/ brother Dawid and he has an account on here called DaveDaweed. This story is about my boyfriend and me being key characters in my own version of the RPG Game Skyrim.

Skyrim a place that only knew how to live in peace, with the birds singing their songs of joy so the people of all races which includes humans, wood/ dark elves, reptiles and finally feline species live together in peace.

Even though Skyrim is a place covered in a white blanket of snow as far as the eye can see, this does not affect the people as this is all they have ever know and it all they will ever know from the moment they are born till the day they die.

All the species ever knew was to treat each other like family as they believed that if they all respected and looked after each other by sticking together the world was safe from any and all harm.

                                    OR SO THEY THOUGHT!

The End

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