The HarborMature

A snap of a twig echoes through the night. My eyes fly open but I refuse to move my body. If it's an animal I don't want to startle it into attacking, if it's another assassin I don't want it to flee at my discovering it. I feel a soft vibration in the ground from a few feet away. The weight of the step gives away that it is indeed human. My bow lay close by, I'll have to move quickly if I am going to take the stranger down in one shot. Calmly, I stay still while the person takes another two steps toward me. I hear them lift their foot off the soft ground and rustle some grass, as fast as I can move I grab my bow, roll to a crouch, draw the arrow already notched and let it fly. Time seeming to slow down, the person, I see is male, draws a dagger with lightning speed and deflects the arrow to his left into the darkness. Together, I draw another arrow as he sprints forward and stops as his dagger touches my throat and my now notched and drawn arrow touches his chest. He starts laughing.
"Aw, Carric, still trying to get the better of me?" I laugh right back, instantly recognizing the figure as my best friend, Carric, who also happens to be a dragonborn. We've had a brotherly rivalry going for years now. We both relax our weapons, he punches me in the shoulder and goes to make a small bed on the ground as I start a fire.
"Hey now, I was hoping to catch you before you left Damion. Once I stumbled upon your camp, I decided to try my luck at catching you off guard. But failed, you were always better at sneaking, but in pure combat I could take you any day." 
"Yeah yeah, keep telling yourself that brother." Carric may not have been my blood brother but he was as close as it got.
"So since you're heading back to Solstheim, and I haven't visited in a while. Mind if I come along?" His face lost a little of it's joking look and grew somewhat serious. 
"Oblivion yeah, you know you can come anytime. But you're paying for your own ride." That made him laugh again. 
"Thanks brother, need a change of scenery, and plus I hear Solstheim has some mighty fine women." His smile grew even bigger, somehow.
"Yeah but, not like you'd have a chance with any of them. Haha."
"Guess we'll see." That was all he said before rolling over and going to sleep. Something troubled me about his shiftiness of wanting to leave, I'll ask about it when we're out of Skyrim.

The End

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