Why do I need titles... for pages...Mature

It's a Skyrim fanfiction, based off my own character, it will feature a few other friends characters, but I'm mostly taking a break from my Shadows book due to writer's block and my mind constantly drifting.

Donning my Dawnguard armor I finish packing my Nightingale gear, and enter the castle that had somewhat become a second home, nodding a hello to my friends I made my way toward Isran's office to deliver the report on the vampire's that had been plaguing Falkreath. I didn't want the members of the Dawn also knowing that I was one of the Thieves Guild elite, let alone their leader. I also made sure my Dark Brotherhood contracts never intertwined with any of my other work, such as with the Companions, everyone in the Dawn knew I was a werewolf but nothing else. Nonetheless I carried my Nightingale armor everywhere, as well as my bow. I preferred the bow to the crossbow most members of the Dawn used. Nearing Isran's door one of my friends decides to challenge him, by throwing an apple at an odd angle toward the higher levels of the castle. In almost no time my bow was been unsheathed and before the apple could even start falling it was instantly speared to a wall with an arrow sticking out of it. At that moment, Isran decided to open his door. Letting out a sigh he brought me inside. 
"You know Damion, when you're gone for longer than a month people tend to get worried about your whereabouts." Isran looked and sounded tired as he spoke.

"Tell that to the vampires. Took me a week to locate them, they're no longer a problem though. Plus the trek wasn't exactly easy." I argued. Remembering back he had encountered many bears, three trolls and a dragon in the hills he had to cross to get to the vampire's cave, which happened to be filled with damn frost spiders. 
"Yes well... good work, nothing else right now, if something in need of your skill arises, I'll send word to Solstheim." Isran gave me a wave and turned back to his desk.
I dropped off my Dawnguard armor in my chest, and left the castle heading out towards the harbor to travel back home.

The End

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