Push Lorna off the edge.

Shelly swooped from above, doing some acrobatics as she touched the side of the skyscraper. She hung tight to the spire of the skyscraper and gave Lorna a playful kick. With a gasp, Lorna was off and falling. Faster and faster she fell.

  "How dare you do this to me!" She raged at Shelly.

  "Snap out of it!" Shelly yelled, her voice echoing off the glassy covering of the skyscraper, which happened to be the Empire State Building.

  "You've hit me at a bad time! I'm exhausted right now!" Lorna shouted back.

  Shelly gave a shrug and dived down after Lorna. She streamlined her shape in the air so she fell faster than Lorna. From her wrist she flicked a grabber which extended claws downwards and caught Lorna. Then from Shelly's back sprung a parachute which gently guided the two superwomen down to the ground.

  "Long time no see, Lorna," Shelly smiled wickedly at her.

  Lorna nodded petulantly. "I could have died!"

The End

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