Tell Lorna to jump.

" If you are going to throw away your life, leave your  children with no mother and burden your parents with  having to explain why and how you died to then jump Lorna"

"Its better for me this way Shelly, I am not fit for my children if I can't hold up a relationship longer than a month. What Kind of a mother will I be?"

Lorna and Shelly battled back and forth as Shelly tried to get her off the roof by making her feel bad at what she would be doing to her children and her family. determined to take her life, Lorna stood there tears flowing down her cheeks and slowly coming to terms with what she was about to do.

After her second husband left her, Lorna had been in and out of relationships but nothing as real as what she ans Steve had. She liked Steve, in fact she had grown to love him and now that he had left er for another woman the pain was beyond consolations. She wanted to end her life and save herself the pain and humilation of being left by another man.

Shelly was her longest friend since high school and now they work together in Tinseltown as beauty therapists at one of the finest 7star Belarush. Their typical day was to pamper the rich and famous  and when it was quiet, Andre the manager allowed the girls some pampering time here and there. One day after a full pampering session, Lorna had returned to her booth to attend to her next client Steve and that had been the start of a romance between Steve and her.

What had happened between Steve and Lorna? Why was she the one standing on the roof ready to throw her life away and most importantly where was Steve right now? Anger rose up in her and she moved back to get ready to jump, but  a man caught her just before she could break free. 

The End

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