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You have probably heard of spoilt brats. You have probably heard of spoilt princesses. The truth is I am neither of these things. I am Skylar so nothing else matters. Nothing else mattered until my darling mother kicked me out to the darling old grannies place. I had friends, family and more money then you could poke a stick at. I know I know I hear you saying what a spoilt brat and I was once. Now I know better now I've seen how the more unfortunate people get to live and now I’m seriously starting to dislike those ‘spoilt cows’. Just kidding where’s my stilettos’, my Perrier, my first class ticket. I love being a prima Donna. Sorry gram try as you might that will never change. My gram called up the stairs “Skylar get your lazy self up for school your late and I refuse to drive you. You can catch the bus with as you say ‘the common people’. I couldn’t believe it we lived in a god dam two story mansion and she was having a go at me! I groaned and scowled as I slowly sat up and stretched blinking away the remains of sleep in my eyes mentally going over my argument for not catching the bus. First thing anyone who’s anyone knows is that you must never ever catch the bus. It is taboo, forbidden and well let’s face it I should know bus catching is for those without class. I called down the stairs “granny I can not catch the bus today” mentally I added “ever”. “And why not if your 65 year old grandmother can do it- who by the way gets you every thing you need to as you say maintain your ‘class’ then I don’t see why you cant. Whoops huge mental blank think of something quick! “I’ll catch a disease and then you’ll need to take me to the hospital”…great. She rolled her eyes “Get.On.The.Bus.Now”! Moaning and groaning made no difference when it came to my gram. If you don’t move but she’s likely to kick it out the door. I hated catching the bus especially when I can feel winters chill stroking my toes with its ice cold breath. I hate the cold! Frigophobia fear of the cold. I let out a sigh of relief as my ears picked up the faint trundle of the coconut covered bus coming down the road. The bus doors squeaked as old Mr. Wick pulled it to a stop in front of me. Sighing as I stepped up to the ticket area I thought of how ridiculously low the payment was $0.60c! What did they think I was poor or something? I scanned the aisles for anyone I might know. Unlikely of course none of my friends would ever dream of catching the bus. Movement caught my attention in the corner of my eye. Thank god! Someone I actually cared to know was on the bus. I headed toward Gabe with the intent of offloading all my problems onto her but stopped dead when I saw the look of devastation on her face. Turning toward the seat in front of her i growled at the two gray eights getting the message lucky for them they scrammed toward the safe haven that was the front of the bus. Good. Now we had some privacy. Plunking down I pulled her toward me and that was all it took. The tears streamed down her face. “He died Sky, he died in the night” “Babe, Gabe I’m so sorry” “I know you are… so why are you annoyed? This was why I loved Gabby the most of all my friends she was always more concerned about you then herself even when she didn’t want to know. We sat in silence for the bus ride to school her words echoed in my head. “Died in the night” “Died in the night” “Kam died in the night”. As the bus trundled to a stop in front of St Hilda’s I grabbed her hand and pulled her to her feet. We stayed that way even as I somehow missed the last bus step and fell face down in the snow giving my ankle a painful twist in the process. The blinding light woke me. Where was i? Great in the hospital gran would just love this. “Sky bubba you okay” I turned my head toward the four friends I knew would be there for me always. I smiled and it hurt “yeah Gabby I’m okay”. “That’s good because you gave this lot quite a heart attack” she pointed smirking at Laura, Hanna, Kelsey and Issie. “What happened? Kelsey smiled and said “god Sky you must be the clumsiest there ever was” I laughed and it hurt. “Ow! Gabby sighed and attempted a smile it didn’t work we could all see her pain. “Well babe you have a crack in your skull and a fractured ankle”. “Great…” I glared at the neon blue cast that encased my ankle, the glaring switched to my gram as she entered my hospital room. “No one said you had your mother’s grace did they bub”. I winced inwardly. “Don’t you have a go at me this is your fault you should have just driven me like any loving grannies would”. “Don’t start Skylar you need to watch were your going”. “Don’t you call me Skylar that’s no my name”. Gabby broke in then walking to my bedside clearing her throat before adding “Izzy were going to go, okay, you need to go home and rest and we, we need to go home and study! “I’ll call you though okay babe and tell you all about the grays, okay? She caught my eye meaning she wanted to talk about more then that. The girls went then calling “bye Sky, love you Sky”. I turned to my gran “see what you’ve done you chased them away, like you did mum”. She turned her back to me slowly, sadly “I didn’t Sky, you did that you’re self” she walked away murmuring about discharge papers and I sighed knowing it to be true. “Oh my god Sky you are going to be so jealous you weren’t at school today, to see what happed to the gray 8 who dared to utter your name- by the way are you home?” Hanna finally took a breath. “Yeah Han I’m home so what happened to the little maggot? I wasn’t really concerned, what I was concerned about happened to be my Gabby so I was court of guard when she came out with, “Seadan whacked him in the face”. “Shit, why? “Cause he said your name” “That’s pathetic; anyway not as if I care I got Pete now” “Yeah, I don’t think he likes that” “And-anyway I have to go, I have to call gabby” There was silence on the other end so I hesitated “bub. Did she, did she tell you. More silence and then, “yeah she told me-us actually he’s appendix ruptured in the night”. “Yeah your right go to talk to her she listens to you”. The line went dead. Being friends with Hanna was so overrated occasionally. I loved her of course but right then I wasn’t interested about Seadan, I cared about Gabby. “Mr. Minchin’s I know she is there so I don’t insult me by telling me she isn’t. It was taking all my will power not to explode. “Sky I’m sorry she’s- “I know she is there you didn’t see her face this morning but I did! She would not have even thought of going anywhere and you, you idiots just sent her off to school all happy Larry. Do you know what she thought of that one well do you? She thought you couldn’t give a crap and can you blame her, her brother- twin brother just died and you sent her to school! Well that went well. “Skylar I think you should come over, she, she needs someone to talk like that to her right now”. “Give me half an hour” I jumped up, well hopped up and started shoving over night things into my school bag. This was the easy part getting down the stairs now that was the tricky part. Sliding down on my bum I edged down the stairs. Gran raised her eyes at that one but said nothing. “I need you to take me to Gabby’s, like now” she nodded and muttered “Get in the car then” god I loved that women no please or thank you jus ‘now’ and she didn’t even blink an eye or blow her stack like most adults would. “Gabe, open the door gabby” I pleaded. This was embarrassing both Mr. and Miss Minchin’s plus my gram had come running when my first attempt at getting the door opened had resulted in something being thrown rather hard against the door. Thankfully the adult’s decided to give us some privacy. “Would you like a drink Ms sharp? “No thank you Roman, I best be getting home, I’ll see you tomorrow Skylar” I rolled my eyes. “Do not call me Skylar” I called after the adult’s retreating backs. I turned my attention back to my current problem. “Kay Gabbe their gone you can open the door now”. The door opened just enough to show me a fraction of her tear streaked face. “Oh Gabbey, baby” “I know their gone so get your but in here” Ill be honest she looked crap, haunted as others would say. All this in a few hours? “Bubba sit” she sat. “Now tell me” and so she did, she told me how alone she felt and how angry she was. She paused and let loose a huge yawn. “Your tired, time for bed” bossy yeah but she needed it. I hoped up and shuffled to the light but before turning it out said “you’ll be okay you always are” “I’m not so sure this time” “You will be I swear you will be” Tip for the future don’t sleep at your best friends house no matter how much you love her during the week, bad, very bad idea. “Morning Skylar - bee” she sounded way too cheerful. I rolled to her side of the double, she was trying but I could see it. “Shut up” “Kelsey’s walking with us this morning “ “I have a concrete slab on my foot, care to remember” “Memory, very powerful” “Anyway it’s a walking cast your fine, besides you’ll need a head start were walking on the beach” “Ha-ha” “Serious” somewhere down the hall a bell rang. I grinned Kelsey was a great motivator. Gabby squealed jumping out of the bed “I’ll get it”. In a couple of seconds she was back and scowling. Great. “Dad got it” “Okay, where’s Kelse? “Talking to dad” “Oh, great” I hated, really hated those awkward silences which was what we had now. So not enjoyable. I half felt like yelling at the two girls to get over it. Kelsey was the first; surprisingly stopping to pick up a handful of the yellow sand that coated the beach for miles. “You know I would never go all secret police with your dad about you Gabby” Silence. Great this would be a real cat fight if the weren’t careful. Kelsey could be a real alpha, her first rule was never ever challenge and you might just survive. I could see her temper simmering just below the surface, a pot of pasta left to long on the boil. Well for the moment I’d had more then enough of fighting. It was the middle of winter and we were walking to school on the beach. I snapped “that is enough! You two are acting like, two, two year olds that are completely self centered. Gabrielle I get that you’re hurting, I really do, but don’t take it out on Kelsey and Kelse please try to control your ‘alpha needs’ okay?. Thank you.” We stared out at the still early morning beach scene it was so gorgeous in the early morning, hardly a soul. Beautiful. “Well now that that’s finished with lets get to school before the bell rings in like, two minutes.” Kelsey and Gabby looked at each other sheepishly and then grinned. Kelsey turned and laughed she had a gorgeous laugh like a fairies breathe. “You just want to see Pete”. “How true”. We walk in to school, like two minutes late, just as the homeroom door’s open to let out my fellow sheep, dam to late for Pete. “All right, all right let’s move people” principal Merce boomed from the opposite end of the hall. Some one pushed me, sorry two someone’s. “Sky we need to move” Kelsey yelled over the hubbub in the hall. I turned searching I could swear I heard someone yelling my name, yes there it was, “Sky” I saw them Issie and Laura heading towards us I grinned but continued searching because I could still hear it but I couldn’t see him I didn’t know how I knew it was a he but I did, we met them halfway hugging and grinning, but the girls were more interested in Gabby right then, “Bubba, you okay, were so sorry” but she never got to reply because someone a very good looking, blond surfer, ten foot tall, rock attitude god interrupted her. Pete! “As am I very, sorry for you Gabrielle, though I don’t know what for, what am I sorry for? “My E on the science test” she said her face going to it’s, you disgust me/ don’t like or trust you expression. “Well, that’s not good at all is it?” “Skylar. You didn’t call me last night, I was bored” the girls squirmed uncomfortably, and well I couldn’t really blame them. “You girls go on, I’ll find you latter” Issie hesitated she didn’t like him, I knew she and Gabe were right up there on the ‘we hate Pete club’. “Issie its fine go.” She gave me a look that said “you will tell me everything”. “So I was bored…. I smiled even though I knew I was being played. “What am I supposed to do about it?” he smiled now and for some reason an expression that my Nan will often say came to me’ ‘when the cat’s go away the mice come out to play’. “Say it tell me, what you want” “You know what I want” “Do I? “Skylar” he growled in frustration “Yes? “You know what I want and you know we both want it” “Come find me latter, bad boy” I grinned in delight then frowned in anticipation as I thought of the argument that would come later because, while it wasn’t always straight away but it would come it always did. But right now I had a bigger problem and that started with an L and ended with a big fat E. “Late again Munich” I was out of breath sweaty as a pig and all he cared about was that I was late? “I’m sorry Mr. Salvich, but if you haven’t already looked down then maybe you should” “Do not talk to me like that young lady or you will find yourself in after school detention” “Cool, but make it recess” “You get inside this classroom and you do not move or breathe until I tell you, now!” not the most ideal situation, I know but I would take all I could in order to avoid telling my friends about my ‘adventure’ “All but Skylar, class dismissed” oh there were so many thing’s I could say right now but were hardly appropriate. “And you miss, would you like to join her?” he said striding to the door and pulling it open completely, to reveal a very annoyed, not at all surprised looking Hannah. “Not really sir but I will if you’d like” I swear I’d seen snow less pale then the color he went. ‘Aren’t you a bad girl” I mocked “Well perhaps if you’d mind your manners occasionally you wouldn’t be known as a bad girl and consequently we wouldn’t be here, then you could tell us all about your plans with Pete. Well? Go ahead I’m listening.” “Like I’d tell you anna-banna” “Or I’m sure you’d rather tell gabby or maybe Issie, yes they would just love hearing what ever it is I’m sure” “Okay! Fine, were um, having an ‘adventure’ after school’” She exploded. “Oh your not! With him really, Izzy you could do so much better and you know it” I jumped up “Bells about to go, I’ll be late” “Sky, babe” “Latter, okay, latter” “Skylar I said let’s go I wanna get outta here” I jumped a mile as I returned to planet earth, yeah well so did I, but unlike him no one was breathing down his neck ‘huh’ I though as I spied Gaby zooming in on me from the second floor’s balcony. “Yeah, babe let’s go your house okay” “Anything you want, pixie, anything at all” I loved double bed’s I really did, no such thing as squeezing on. “You are such a gorgeous little pixie” he whispered in my ear before his mouth met my mine, I bit down on the desire to bite his tongue. “I know, and you’re a, sexy, sexy toy” he laughed then pulled me to him closer and that unfortunately was as good as it got because he’s mother was back and we could here his little brother’s running around on the first floor. “I love you” his voice came out all muffled from under his ten ton shirt “Yeah” yep grate. Your ‘sweet heart’ say’s I love you and try as you might you just can’t say it back. “Skylar come and talk to me you look exhausted” If only you knew I thought. I turned and really took in my grandmother her once glorious blond hair now dyed a dull brown, took in her brilliant to sharp gaze and that proud, proud old face. “Nah I’m all good just going to have a shower”
“Well, Kelsey want’s you to call” “Great” “Skylar! “Hey Kelse What’s up” I said heading towards my radio with the intention of doing some serious soul searching, if my ear drums weren’t burst that is. “Why you crazy cow why? You said it wouldn’t happen again! Haven’t you learnt anything! Shit! If it was Seadan I could understand, oh wait it wouldn’t be Seadan because Seadan never ever treated you like that not like he does” “Who else did she tell? “No one else, lucky you hey imagine how ballistic Gabby would go” “Me, lucky? Um maybe you haven’t noticed yet but your psycho scary” “I know, now promise you will not let it happen again” I sighed impatiently how many times had I argued over similar topics?
“You know why I won’t do that” “You’re an idiot” “I love you to.” “Good night Skyler” my gran said as she paused in my door-way. “What’s the matter gran? I asked pausing the song midway” “Nothing” she paused as she wondered whether or not entering my lair was a wise idea. “Well why are you here then? I snapped watching as her eyes widened with hurt. Tuff. “Can’t I simply say goodnight? “You never say goodnight unless you want me to do something “ “Don’t be rude Skyler” “Who cares? I groaned as my eyes resisted opening complaining of the outrageous hour it surely was. Could I not even catch a break on the weekend, the weekend was for sleeping and shopping. Shopping! I snatched my phone of my side cupboard promising myself to not even thing of a certain someone. “Morning" “Aren’t you awfully cheerful for, oh wait let me see, oh yes ten o’clock in the morning” “of course my slab came off yesterday, anyway I have an idea you me, your dad's mini bus and others are going shopping. "okay see you" "nan, gran" I called waiting for her usual sing song reply. "in here skylar" I gaped as I took in her usually rosy now paper pale face. "I'm okay what's the matter" "your sick" "I'm just old,babe" she sucked in her breath slowly and exhaled. "or maybe I'll stay with you" "No. No go have some fun, and oh skylar get some jellybeans" "Jesus grumpy much izaball" I tease while the rest of us exchange hugs and she hangs back. "fuck off" "Izaball ,don't talk to Sky like that, it's not her fault." "And why not? "well it's not as if it's her fault is it"? I interrupted her then " what's wrong with you Issy? "Yes I'm sure we'd all like to know why your being such a bitch towards my granddaughter, wouldn't we Izaball? We spun towards my gran had come down the stairs silently, no one in their right mind picked a fight with my gran. "well? She squirmed uncomfortably " no reason, can we just go? We drove in silence to Orange Place mall, my god. Was it seriously to much to ask for? To have a simple,fun-filled day, apparently so. "is it to much to ask for? To just have a fun day? Well is it? I mean what the hell, you, you stupid bitch your meant to be my friend and yet you have a go at me and for what? "I am your friend, Sky, I promise I am,even after I leave" "leave! What do you mean, leave!" "Hey girls, what do you think about leaving this conversation till after shopping, yes? Gabby's dad called back. "oh and Gabby, remember the flowers" Truly shopping had to be the greatest stress reliever there ever was. Issy sighed as she sank into the chair furtherest from me and turned to Gabby "white,red or maybe a black dress. "white it has to be white the parents have spoken" " Aw, poor Sky, she's black mad" Kelsey teased, the other days argument forgotten. "And your not? "Ha-Ha" we sat in silence, all on our own separate planets until Hanna interrupted. " I think we should have a party, a good bye party tomorrow at your place gabby, not just for issue but for Kam to. Gabby considered it for a few seconds, " yeah sure why not, let's do it. "Sky-bee what's your worry" gabby sang as we walked through the mall. I didn't answer her straight away sifting through my thoughts instead. "nothing babe, don't worry about it ok" " fine be like hat but I still think you looked sexier in that black dress" I winced at the word sexier and prayed this wasn't one of her extra observant days, lucky for me it wasn't. "tomorrow after the cremation are you coming back to my place or going home and coming back latter" " I think I might go home but come back latter kay." we smiled at each other, knowing each other well enough to know what they were thinking. " hey gran" I called tiredly as I walked through the door much latter that night. "hello skylar, did you get the dress then." "yeah wait a sec and I'll show you". She said nothing as I stepped around the corner, the shredded strips of the dress swaying waist down, the beads clacking in anticipation around my feet and wrists. "beautiful as always." " thanks, Kelsey's lending her white rose hairpiece to me and with Hanna's white slip on's I think it will look rather nice. "wear your hair down then, just don't sit on it." I laughed shifting into a more comfortable position " well I'm going to bed, oh by the way I'm not coming home with you tomorrow night." "okay" . " night" I woke to an unpleasantness in the air and couldn't remember why but the I saw the Hawaiian dress hanging from the end of my bed and then I remembered, I remembered why I was feeling the dread and sighed feeling the days dread rush at me like a freight train. "Nan" I said as we were driving toward the cremation centre, already regretting my dress choice because the thing made me sweat something afoul . " do you remember that rhyme you used to tell me it went like, skylar, skylar didn't scream, she didn't worry-" " enough skylar I'm not in the mood for your rubbish, just be quiet, please" "okay" "Skylar" she warned " shut up." I could understand her funeral thing 'makes me think of my own' she would say when asked, put it together with the Munich's and you had one cranky cow. " In the name of the father, son, holy spirit, may his soul rest in peace, amen" the priest finished soberly and stepped away from the platform. I blinked in surprise, had I really missed it all. " goodbye, my friend, my brother, my trouble maker" I thought simply joining the hundreds of others streaming out the doors. " that was gorgeous gabby" we all gushed as we jumped into the Minchins. She smiled shyly " you know it really was and I'm okay now, just sad that I'm gonna have to find a new protecter" she joked. We laughed at that, with her bleach blond waist long hair and sea blue eyes she was a real hit. " you hear that Mr. Minchin" Hanna joked " wicked pizza have the best protecters, so let's go there, what ya reckon? " I believe I can hear my own stomach growling so I'd say I have to agree with you Hanna" we all laughed knowing Hanna's weakness for wicked pizza. "we're my drinks, I been watin much to long, much to long" we sang along, stupidly inhaling the scent of Gabby's citrus perfume to hide the sent of our 'drinks' curled up on blow up mattresses with thermal sleeping bags. The door opened reviling an amused miss Minchin leaning against the door frame "i hope you mean these drinks" she had to yell to be heard over the music, "yes mam" "what other drinks would we be wating for mother" Gabby giggled. Her mother narrowed her eyes and snapped " oh I don't know maybe," and she stepped forward towards Gabby tilting the tray slightly "these drinks, I don't know about you but I've heard coke shower is quite refreshing, but you'll have to have a taste and let me know". Gabby's eyes widened a fraction "Don't!" but by then she had a nice little fountain of coke raining on her, and hissy izzy. Her mother smiled at us sweetly " I suggest you all take a shower before going to sleep, especially you Gabrielle, good night." we sat stunned for a moment before Laura got inventive tasting Gabby's 'shower', " we'll your not any sweeter". "So Izzy when we're you planning on telling us or rather me you were leaving, hey" I asked with a sudden rush of hurt, hurt of everything that had happened in the last few weeks. She sat jerked from whatever she'd been whispering to Hanna. " oh calm down okay I didn't even know until four days that dad and mum were splits ville until four days ago." I stared at her in dismay while she adverts my gaze.
The End

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