Hunt Two

I flung the office door open with as much force as possible, I then stormed out of the building, stomping my feet as much as possible.

I looked around, trying to find a free taxi. I spied one on the corner and slapped it's roof, the driver nodded and I clambered into the front seat. There was already someone in the back, but I ignored their presence and tried to focus on getting calm.

'Can you get me to London Station, please?' I asked, fumbling with my purse.

'You sure you have enough money? That's quite a while away.' The driver asked, raising his eyebrows.

'Yes. I'm pretty sure.' I laughed, failing to mention the fact that I'm the daughter of a very rich family. The driver smiled and pulled out his calculator.

'That'll come to £40.75.' The driver stated, after consulting his calculator.

'Oh, thats great,' I grinned as I pulled the money out of my purse, 'here ya go!'

He took the money and smiled as his hand brushed mine. I snorted but covered it up with a cough. I was a lot younger than him, he must have been in his twenties. 

'Now, now, Skye. Don't go flirting with other guys in my presence.' A sarcastic voice called out from the back seat.

My whole body tensed up. And I turned my head like a robot to spy a Alex Fabia that looked very pleased with himself lounging on the back seat of the taxi.

'Can you kick him out?' I asked in a tense voice.

'Sorry, he already paid.' The driver said, shrugging and he sifted the gear stick and started to drive.

I turned to face the windscreen. I gritted my teeth and crossed my arms. And I'm also pretty sure the expression on my face wasn't looking too good either.

Fabia was chattering on about useless subjects to the driver and kept slipping in snide comments directed at me. I puffed out my lips angrily.

Endure it. Endure it.


The End

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