Hunt One.

I handed in my sheet, earning a few nasty looks. All of the other Hunters here were much older than me. The look down on me for being young and female. Most treausre hunters are guys, you see.

But they can't say anything to my face because I'm a Makintire. I'm the heir of the Makintire family. So there.

'Ah! May I ask which treasure your going after?' A boy about my age with sandy blonde hair and earnest blue eyes asked.

'Fabia's Dust.'I replied. It's said that Princess Fabia left behind a box of pure gold dust and crushed diamonds. If I find this, I'll be ritch forever! His eyes widened and he then grinned.

'Me too. Hey, if I find it before you, will you date me?'He said smugly. It seams that the earnest look in his eyes was actually perversion.

'I accept your challenge. I'll work extra hard to find it before you do...?'

'Alex. Alex Fabia.' He said in a sly voice.

'Ah, so that treasure it rightfully yours? Yet you have to go hunt it down because she hid it? Maybe she knew how greedy men are so she decided to keep it from her male kin.' I said with a rude tone to my voice.

'Really? Then I definatly wont lose to a women.'

'You will. Your not just going to lose to a girl. Your going to lose to a Makintire.'I laughed meanly.

'Ah, so your a Makintire. I'm certain I wont lose than. May this challenge begin.' He grinned, putting out a hand.

I took it, gripping it with all my force and he did the same. We smiled coldly at eachother.

'I will beat you.'I whispered as I left the office.

The End

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