Skye Makintire -- Treasure Hunter.

Skye makintire is a treasure hunter, so when she hears about a amazing new quest for a priceless item, she rushes to the scene....

I looked at my piece of paper and huffed. Did I really have to apply to hunt treasure? Whats with the laws nowerdays?

I checked it over, scanning it to see if I'd made any mistakes.

Name: Skye Arriane Makintire

Age: 17

Experience:  Rock climbing, judo, karate, fencing, swimming.

Treasures Found: King Rakuno's Crown, Medival Gold, Medival Jewelry, A Mummy's Tomb.

Home Address: Don't live anywhere specific.

Number: 07 XXXXXXXX

Hair: Currently Pink

Eyes: Green

Nationality: Irish, English, French

Signature: S.A. Makintire

Did they really need all of this information on me? I mean, it was only a treasure hunt. And I'm going to win anyway. I'm a amazing treasure hunter; I've got it in my genes, see, my dad and his dad and his dad before that. I come from a long line of treasure hunters and I'm proud of that. I'm even more proud that I'm the first female treausre hunter in the family.

Thats why I'm going to find this treaure. No matter what!

The End

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