Chapter 3Mature

As they pulled into the driveway, Skye looked up at the house she grew up in, “Wow, I haven’t been here in forever!” she said.

“Yeah, it’ll be good for you to come home for a little while and see everybody. It’ll be normal. We will go down to the wig shop tomorrow, but as for now, put on this hat and these sun glasses,” Nicole told her daughter.

“This is your definition of normal? Wow, I was way off on that,” Skye joked.

“Don’t be a smarty pants, Agatha. Now get your stuff out of the trunk and let’s go,” Skye’s father said.

“Ugh, there is a reason I had my name changed. Agatha? What were you two thinking?” Skye said.

“Look, ‘Little Miss Pop Sensation,’ stop it with the attitude or you are grounded!” Nicole told Skye.

“Grounded from what? Being a pop sensation? Oh, wait, you already took that privilege away from me!” Skye protested.

“Grab your things and go to your room, now!” Nicole raised her voice. Skye had never heard her yell at anyone like that before.

“Gladly, your highness,” Skye went upstairs into her old room. All of her posters were off the walls, and it had been painted lavender. The bedspread was awful! It was all flowery, like an old woman would have it. She knew what her first task in Toronto would be, and that was to ‘teenager’ this room on up. Skye went downstairs. She realized that Miriam wasn’t home, “Hey, where is Miriam?”

“She’s on a date,” Chester said. “It’s their six month anniversary.”

“Wait, who’s six month anniversary is it?”

“Miriam and her boyfriend’s.”

“Since when has Miriam had a boyfriend?”

“Well, apparently for six months.”

Skye didn’t respond. She just ran back upstairs and into her room. Miriam has never had a real boyfriend before. She’s gone on occasional dates and whatnot, but she’s never really been in a committed relationship before.

When Miriam finally got home, Chester and Skye were up in Skye’s room talking and playing board games and video games, “I’m so kicking your butt!” Sky informed her brother.

Miriam and her boyfriend walked in the house, “I’m home!” Miriam shouted.

Nicole came running into the kitchen, “Miriam, darling, you’re late.”

“Sorry, Mom, I didn’t know that being home at 11:06 is really ‘late’ when you said be home at 11.”

“Well, I’ll let it slide this time.”

“Okay, so how was the ‘Skye Dwight’ concert?”

“Good, as usual. Look, sweetie, Conrad can’t stay tonight.”

“What? Why not? He always stays until midnight.”

“I know, but we have company!”

“Chester! You can’t flip the board because I was winning! Get back here you little booger!” Skye said to her brother.

Miriam heard them from downstairs, “You didn’t!”

“Surprise, Agatha is home,” Nicole said with a nervous look on her face.

Miriam looked over at her boyfriend, “I’ll see you tomorrow, babe,” she said. She leaned in and kissed him on the lips. “Bye!”

“Okay, bye Nicole. Later babe,” Conrad said. Then he left.

Miriam turned back to her mom, “How could you bring her home, Nicole?” Miriam never calls Nicole ‘Mom’.

“Miriam, I know you and your sister have had your issues in the past, but today someone broke into her dressing room and shot at her! We have to bring her home for at least a little while,” Nicole explained.

“Well, too bad the gunman didn’t have better aim!”

“Miriam Christine! Forget seeing Conrad tomorrow, you’re grounded!”

“Are you kidding me? I’ve been home for like five minutes and she’s already getting me in trouble!”

Chester came running downstairs, followed by Skye. “Hide me, Miriam!!” Chester ran and hid behind his older sister.

“Miriam, you’re home!” Skye exclaimed. Miriam just rolled her eyes and went upstairs, slamming her bedroom door behind her.

The End

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