Chapter 2Mature

“She wanted to come, sweetie! She just had… a thing to do,” Skye’s mother explained.

“Don’t lie, Mom. I know she didn’t want to come. She never has, and most likely never will. One of you three are always at my concerts, but never Miriam! I just wish she would come to one!” Skye told her family.

“Look, Miriam is just jealous that her little sister is famous and she isn’t that’s all,” Chester said. Chester is Skye’s younger brother. He is fourteen and she is fifteen.

“I’ve been ‘Skye Dwight, Teen Pop Sensation’ since I was twelve, Chester! When will she just be happy for me?” Skye wondered.

“Miriam is happy for you, Skye!” Skye’s dad said.

“Then why does she always tell her friends she ‘hates Skye Dwight’?” Chester asked.

Skye looked over at Chester, “She said that? She said she hates me? I would give anything for her to just talk to me again!” BANG! Someone kicked out the cover of the vent that was on the wall. A man jumped out. “Oh, no! That’s the guy that attacked me earlier! Hugh! Hugh!” Skye called for her body guard, “Hugh!”

“Hugh can’t save you this time!” the man pulled out a gun.

“Oh my goodness!” Skye’s mother yelled. Hugh came in through the bathroom door behind the gunman and grabbed his arm, smacking it up against the wall. The man shot as the gun flew out of his hand. Luckily, he didn’t shoot anybody, just the couch.

“Alright, is everyone okay?” Samantha came running in the room with two security guards.

“Yes, Samantha, but Skye is coming home with us tonight,” Skye’s dad said.

“What?!” Skye and Samantha said at the same time.

“I don’t want to go home with you guys. I want to go back to the mansion that I just bought,” Skye said.

“Yeah, she can’t go home with you guys. She has rehearsal and parties she has to attend to make her even more popular then she already is. And by that I mean make a lot more money than she currently is,” Samantha explained.

“Our fifteen-year-old daughter is going to be coming home with us and attending Bathurst Heights Secondary School along with her brother and sister until she has passing grades in every class. Samantha, she was failing school last year because of all these parties you are throwing her into. She’s fifteen, she needs a break,” Skye’s mom said.

“Look, Nicole, I will hire a tutor for your daughter. She has concerts coming up! She can’t be gone for a whole entire semester. That’s eighteen weeks,” Samantha said.

“Mom, I don’t want to go home! Please, don’t make me! I have fans in Toronto; you saw how full the concert was tonight. If I go to public school then it’ll just be a distraction to the other kids. You don’t want to ruin there high school education, do you?” Skye asked.

“Our decision is final, Skye. You are going back home with us and you are going to Bathurst Heights Secondary School,” Skye’s dad said.

“Fine, Daddy, go ahead and ruin the life of Skye Dwight. I’m going to let down millions of fans when I don’t show up to those concerts and parties,” Skye informed everyone. “Today a young girl named Cassie was celebrating her birthday here. What if the day of my next concert is another fans birthday? What if they bought tickets and backstage passes, huh? You only have one birthday a year.”

“Okay, I have an idea,” Chester said. “We let everyone know about the gunman who came in here, and Skye Dwight is now in hiding.”

“Really? In hiding? Well, when all those kids at Bathurst Heights Secondary School see me, they will be like ‘FOUND HER’! Then my life will be over,” Skye said.

“Not if we buy you a wig and you get signed into school as Agatha Hawkins,” Skye’s real name is Agatha Hawkins, but she changed it after she became famous. She also dyed her hair dark brown and wears blue contacts. Even thought her natural eye color is brown, she is still known as ‘The world’s favorite blue-eyed teen pop sensation’!

“You know what, Chester? That was actually a good idea. There really is a first for everything, huh?” Skye said.

The End

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