Skye DwightMature

When a famous popstar gets her life threatened, her parents think it's best tgat she comes back home and stays with them and her two siblings for a while. When her parents find out that she had almost failed every class being schooled through her fame. They have her attened the school her siblings go to with a wig. When she falls for a guy who likes her for who she is and not just her fame, she doesn't know if it's even worth being famous any more.


“Oh boy! I can’t believe this! I’m backstage right now, about to meet Skye Dwight!” Cassie said. Today is Cassie’s fourteenth birthday and she is one of Skye Dwight’s biggest fans. She brought her four best friends with her to Skye’s concert.

“We are next in line to meet Skye! Can you guys believe it? We are going to meet ‘Teen Pop Sensation, Skye Dwight’! This is awesome!” Jajube said.

“Ugh, I wish these people would hurry up with her. We are all here to meet Skye! They can’t hog her the whole time!” Elisa complained.

“You’re right! This is stupid. Why are they taking so dang long?” Aislinn asked.

“You guys, calm down! We bought backstage passes. They won’t just forget about us!” Deanna informed her friends.

A big man came out by the five friends from backstage, “Alright, girls, it’s your turn to meet Skye Dwight.”

“Ahhhh!” Cassie, Jajube, Elisa, Aislinn and Deanna all screamed, and then they followed the man to Skye’s dressing room.

When they five girls got into Skye’s room, there was no sign of the pop star anywhere. “Sit anywhere you like, except for on that chair,” the man pointed. “That’s Skye’s favorite chair. She’ll be here momentarily.”

“Hugh!” Skye screamed from the other room. “Help! Hugh, help me!”

The big man ran out of the room that Cassie and her friends were sitting in. “Oh my, is Skye okay?” Cassie was worried about the pop star.

After about five minutes of “wrestling,” Skye walked in to greet her fans, “Hi, I’m really sorry about the wait. Thanks so much for being patient. I’m Skye Dwight,” she said.

“Hi, I’m Cassie! Today is my fourteenth birthday and I came here to celebrate it! These are my friends Elisa, Jajube, Aislinn and Deanna. It is such an honor to meet you!” Cassie said.

“It’s good to meet you too! Since it’s your birthday, I’ll throw in five autographed pictures and CD’s. I’ll also give you this scarf,” Skye took the scarf that was around her neck off and she handed it to Cassie. “I hope you have an amazing fourteenth birthday!”

After the five girls left Skye’s room, she sat in front of her mirror and just stared at herself. It wasn’t an “oh, look at how hot I am” stare. It was more of a “can I live a lie any more?” stare.

“Skye, you go on in two minutes dear, why don’t you go backstage?” her manager said.

Skye took a deep breath, “Okay, Samantha, let’s do this.”

Skye got up out of her chair and walked down a long hallway, then took a right to go behind the stage. She could hear all of her fans screaming “Skye, Skye!” and then she got ready to go on the stage. “Make me proud, Dwight!” Samantha said.

Skye smiled and walked out on stage, “Ready to have some fun, Toronto?” she said. The whole crowd screamed. She looked down into the front row and saw her mom, dad and brother. But there was no sign of her sister. Skye’s sister hasn’t gone to one single concert since Skye started performing back in 2006. It was disappointing, but the show must go on. “Alight, now! Hit those drums, Mike!”

The End

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