No Further in the Elucidation- ElodieMature


Being told that you are the key to saving this world is not a good way to get a girls attention. I could have fainted, but then I’d probably die because I’d hit my head on the ground.

“You wouldn’t die if you hit your head. Sure it would hurt, but it’s only the Fire Knives that can kill us.”

“I forgot. I’m not a normal human anymore.” I muttered sarcastically. “Where are we going anyway?”

Stone pointed to a house on the corner of two streets.

“This is where our father lives. He moved here to be close to you.” Stone sounded jealous. He crossed my arms.

“Is he here now?” I asked. Stone shook his head. He even looked jealous. I looked back at the direction of my house although I couldn’t see it. “I’m going to miss them so much.”

Stone shrugged.

“After about 100 years, they’ll all be dead and you won’t have any reason to miss any of them.” He said casually. “Now come on, we need to get you inside so I can explain some more to you. Caspar was supposed to explain it all…. But when you finally see your baby girl all grown up, I guess it’s all too emotional…. You have to understand, most of the Reserved, the Jumper who has their appointment with them are usually very distantly related. You’re the only Jumper, through thousands of years who’s been a direct descendant of a Reserved. It’s a big deal.”

“Weren’t you the first? I mean, being my brother and all.” I said. Stone shook his head. Mentally, I added another dot point to my list of things that needed to be explained to me.

“That’s a story for another time, anyway, he finally gets to see both his kids and he’s happy but it has been so long that he has his own form of heart break because he’s so happy. It’s hard to explain.”

I rolled my eyes.

“Everything is hard to explain these days.”

Stone had nothing to say. He had no reply. Because he knew that I was completely right.

The End

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