Time Barrier- CalumMature

I closed my eyes and tried to remember like I had been doing since I saw Elodie in the hall/gymnasium thing and tried to remember her saving me. The problem though, was that as much as I tried, I couldn’t seem to remember a thing about it. I wasn’t one of these human time machines, so I didn’t know the rules. Maybe Elodie’s destiny was to save me when she went back in time yesterday but she didn’t and so that part of my past was slowly disappearing.

There was one measly day of school left to complete before we were free for the weekend. Yesterday was weird. It was so confusing that I wasn’t sure whether or not I wanted to see Elodie today. It didn’t take me long to make up my mind- I did want to see her.

Although she may have another knife, and she might kill me for ‘knowing too much about her world’, I wanted to see her so badly. All I could see was her eyes, changing colour in my mind. But then the image changed and I watched her thrust the knife on fire into the young man and him choke on his blood as he died. I opened my eyes and shook my head.

The yellow bus had pulled up at school. I was here and I was ready. I was going to go and talk to her. If I had to use brutal force to get to her to tell me what the hell was going on then so be it.

Then I saw her. Elodie sat alone, on a bench straight ahead of me. She didn’t look up, even when someone threw some rubbish at her. I got off the bus amidst others and swallowed. Her head was buried in a book, and I watched her blink.

Did I feel like a creep, watching her like this- yes, yes I did. Life was funny that way. I swallowed again and again and suddenly I was right in front of her. My feet had transported me here while I was thinking.

Trying not to be such a creep, I sat next to her, not too close but not too far away. She finally looked up at me. She closed her book. She smiled and I thought I was dying.

“Hey Calum, how are you going?”

I nodded, dumbstruck.

“Are you ok?” She asked. I nodded again.

“I’m fine, yeah; thanks…I just wanted to ask…” I looked into her innocent looking eyes and saw, even though she was a killer. She was just a girl. How was I supposed to use brute force against a skinny little chick that- the image of her killing the man filled my mind and I flinched- could kill a grown man….

“What was it?” Elodie asked me. I shook my head and looked down. The bell rang and she pointed to the main building, “Can it wait? I have to go.” She gave me a sorry smile and I smiled back but I was smiling to her back. Soon enough, the outside of the school was empty and I was left alone in the autumn chill, with dead leaves flying around me. I leant back on the bench and put my hands in my pockets.


Two hours later, I left Biology for lunch and saw Elodie sitting at a table all by herself. Everyone else seemed to act like she was not there. They diverged around the round table with only one seat at it- and that seat was taken- and then converged behind where she was seated. No one took any notice of the fact that she was the only person eating lunch.

I looked at the other tables. Everyone was exiting the cafeteria for this period, and by some miracle, pretty much the only two people having lunch was Elodie and I. Wherever everyone else went for lunch was a mystery to me. I pulled up a chair and set my tray down. People began filling up the tables around us, still taking no notice of the empty table they were either deliberately ignoring or just not noticing. As soon as I sat down at the table, everyone stopped. But Elodie was right in front of me, so I didn’t seem to notice.

“Hey Elodie, what did you just have?” I asked. She looked up from her Chinese style rice and jumped. She glanced around the room but no one looked this way.

“What are you… how can you… how-why….” She closed her eyes and sighed.

“Is it a Time Machine thing?” I asked.

“It’s Time Jumper- and yes/no, kind of. It’s kind of just me, my dad and brother. I can’t explain it.” She put her hands on her temples and closed her eyes.

“Oh… So, do you want to talk about it?” I asked hopefully. She shook her head and smiled.

“I have created a time barrier. Time continues until everyone I have allowed access to be inside the barrier has entered. Then time freezes. My real brother told me that my mind would decide who is and isn’t allowed in if I wasn’t concentrating. Obviously my mind has let you in. You can see now; that time has stopped.” She studied me thoughtfully. “You’re taking this really well. You know, you could be a Time Jumper, and you just haven’t been told yet.”

I shook my head. It could be true though, I guess. But I didn’t want to tag along in the hopes that I would have a knife of fire one day. I stopped and then shook my head again. I was going to have to make something up to make it seem like I wasn’t as hopeful as I actually was.

“Yeah, no- there is absolutely no way, trust me. My brother is definitely my brother, no doubt about it.”

In reality; I didn’t even have a brother. Why was I lying again?

“Hey, I thought the same thing. Then I found out that one of my brothers never actually cared about me. Thing is, everyone else is still with their normal parents, I was just lucky enough to have a dysfunctional family.”

“Oh, well that sounds thrilling…” I offered and she smirked. I smiled back, happy to have made her happy. “So does this mean that if I was to stay here with you, I wouldn’t have to go to Maths?”

“Kid, you stay with me, and we could go anywhere in the world and be back in time for the end of lunch.” Elodie picked at the vegetables in her rice. I looked at her and she looked at me. I smiled at her and she smiled at me. “So, where do you want to go?”

She held out her hand. I took it; pretending to be reluctant but actually being overjoyed. Elodie raised an eyebrow.

“Are you sure I have to be back for maths?”

The End

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