Chapter 27: ElodieMature

Calum told us the super short story that the Ender told him. We all turned to stare at Caspar but he was such a good actor that we saw nothing in his face. I checked on the gash on my arm while we waited for Caspar to say something. I gasped and looked up at Caspar and Stone accusingly.

The cut was gone and completely healed with no scar or anything. Now, with any normal knife, that might have been normal; but this was a Fire Knife. One little scratch with the knife could kill you. It was an inanimate version of a zombie.

“Wow, guys….” I whispered. Caspar did and said nothing. Calum gasped. At least there was another person that was amazed.

“Didn’t you just have a cut there?” Calum asked. He felt my arm, his fingers tracing lightly over the space which was just covered in blood and flesh. “You’re the weapon….”

Caspar was still silent as Stone cursed his head off.

“Wait, that Ender called me a crazy-

“That doesn’t matter right now, what matters is you are the one prophesised to kill Taren; the original Time Ender.” Caspar mumbled. I looked up at him and rolled my eyes.

“Well, you’re the expert who knows who Taren is so I’m waiting for you to elaborate on all this.” I demanded. Caspar sighed.

“It’s not as simple as that.”


So apparently the story goes like this- ten thousand years ago; give or take a few years, the beings on the planet AKO-85C sent out a capsule with the DNA of their king in the hope of creating life on another planet. By the time that the capsule crash landed on Earth- three thousand years later- AKO-85C had died. (Exploded actually)

A man named Waterworth found the capsule and pried it open only to find the capsule disintegrating through his bare hands. Little did he know; the DNA was being absorbed into his blood and bone. A few years later, his first son was born. When he was three, twin brothers were born and throughout a period of ten years, six more children were conceived.

Soon enough, all ten of them had reached their fifteenth birthdays without hassle. The last to reach her fifteenth was Taren Waterworth, youngest daughter of the Waterworth family, taken care of mostly by her eldest sibling, Caspar Waterworth. Taren was beautiful but was always a strange child; always determined to go off and do her own thing. She didn’t want to be like the rest of her family.

The DNA from the capsule had reacted with the human DNA and had caused an anomaly. The ten children were almost immortal and could jump through time. Taren wanted to do something that outshone her 9 brothers. Taren wanted to do something that would show her father and her mother that she was the best and the brightest although she was the youngest.

Taren longed for that one moment. However, she did not act until both her mother and her father were dead. Seven of her brothers went their separate ways. Caspar, Jeremy and Taren were left.

One day, Taren disappeared. For three months, Caspar, Jeremy and another of their brothers searched for Taren. When the fourth month came about, they gave up their search altogether; just hoping that she would come back, safe and sound. The brothers reunited, devastated by the loss of their only sister.

One hundred years later and Taren was still gone. Caspar was the only member of what they called the Reserved who had not had any children. His heart still ached over the loss of his sister. There were three generations of Time Jumpers now. They jumped through time for fun. That’s what Time Jumping was all about back then. Fun and recreational, it was a great way to spend a day with your family.

Until one day when Jeremy’s granddaughter returned from a trip with a great gash cutting from her knee to her ankle. While it was not that deep, it was obvious that something of great power had made the cut because there was not a metal in existence that could hurt a Time Jumper. When she was asked to describe who had hurt her like this, she grabbed a photo which was taken from a group Jump between the Reserved and Taren in the year 2010, the only successful forward jump in the history of Jumpers at that time.

She pointed to Taren, and then died from blood poisoning. There was a knock on the door, Taren entered, a long flaming knife in her hand. She laughed.

“You have no idea what we can do. No idea what I can do. Come with me, my fellow Jumpers. Join me and I can show you what we can really do.”

Well….it went something like that anyway.


“It’s….. It’s beautiful…” I exclaimed as I ran the Fire Knife along the palm of my hand, drawing blood. Seconds later, the cut that would have been enough to kill a Time Jumper or Ender by the metal particles inserted into their blood vessels closed over and my hand was fine.

The knife was wrenched from my hand. I glared accusingly at Calum. He held his hands up and slowly put the knife down next to him, out of my reach.

“You know I could grab that and have it in my hands before you could even consider what I am saying, right?” I said lightly, but I was irritated and he knew that. He was also scared of me, that much was clear.

“I know that, Elodie, but is it really all that worth it?” Calum asked me honestly.

I shrugged, acting as if I couldn’t care less.

“That’s enough experiments today. We don’t want you to drop dead because something goes wrong. We need you Elly. You know that we need you.” He told me. I knew he was right. Calum was usually right. But something about the way he said it put me off. I glared at him, biting my lip- not enough to draw blood but enough to make my lip burn.

I looked away from Calum. As I said before- he was usually right, and if I did suddenly drop dead, I’d rather have Sam here when it happened.

I turned to Caspar who was sitting on the kitchen bench. His head was in his hands. I didn’t have the heart to say something sarcastic to him.


We all rolled our eyes at the same time. Our prisoner did this often. I sighed and shook my head.

“I think it’s time to go deal with her. I’ll go; I’m fine now.” I said. Calum nodded reluctantly. Caspar didn’t move. Stone had walked out sometime during Caspar’s overdue story. I closed the trapdoor behind me and stalked up to the Ender.

“Think you’re something special don’t you?” I spat. She returned the favour by actually spitting on me. It was a shame she missed.

“Don’t go thinking that you’re actually going to find Taren. You’ll never find her.” She mumbled. I took my time replying by walking over to the table of torture instruments and picking up a normal knife.

“Do you like fingers?” I asked. She stared at me; confused. Good. I didn’t take time to explain. I held down her thumb and hacked it off. Blood spurted left and right- in my face and on my clothes. What was left of her thumb shook along with the rest of her wailing, squealing body.


I laughed.

“DUCT TAPE,” I replied loudly. I took the roll of duct tape and cut off a square which I then put roughly over her mouth. She was quiet, her eyes drawn to the spot where the bone protruded from her bloody flesh.

I smiled slyly and studied the now quiet prisoner. She didn’t seem to be perturbed by the loss of a finger but I knew that soon she would be bubbling with hatred and disgust for me that she would explode.

“You seem to forget that Caspar was Taren’s closest sibling if not closest friend back in the day. Trust me; something like that never goes away.” There was pain in my voice as I spoke to her.

I glanced at the other torture tools and sighed. This prisoner was resilient. I would have to think long and hard about which method to use next.

“Ok, so, you are going to stay right here while I go back up and enjoy a nice hot cup of tea. Understood?”  I didn’t expect an answer but I could see hate flaming in her eyes. I grinned at her and took the end of her thumb with me. “Better put this in the bin.”

The End

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