Chapter 24: ElodieMature

So I lied. I do have contact with one of the people from my life I was living a year ago. That one person is my mortal enemy yet he is also my best friend in the whole entire world. I thought that him being my mortal enemy meant that I would never get to see him again and when I did, I would have to kill him but it turns out that he doesn’t have to be killed unless he hurts a Jumper.

Yes, the person I’m talking about is Sam.

I don’t care if Sam is an Ender anymore. I’m just happy that every time I completely lose my mind, he’s here to calm me down. There was just something about having someone from before here with me. Someone who could remind me of what life was like before this whole mess happened and I was dragged right into the middle of it.

“Come here, Elly.” Sam said soothingly. I smiled at him.

“Sam, I’ve missed you so, so, so much!” I replied to him. Sam smiled and we hugged.

“Why did you lose it this time?” He asked me. I shrugged.

“I don’t know. One minute I’m… you know…” I hated telling him that I was torturing Enders in front of him. He ended up getting tetchy and then I lost it again. Sam knew, but he didn’t say anything if he wanted to stay alive. “And then Caspar comes in and I just… Something just happens in my head and I just want to kill everyone.”

Sam nodded like he knew what that felt like.

“I think you should get Caspar and Stone and that Calum guy to tell you about the true curse. The curse that isn’t in the books and isn’t put into a prophecy about you being the one to save everyone because you’re the only-

“Sam, why can’t you just tell me?” I pleaded hanging onto his arm. He shook his head. I forgot how much I missed hanging out with him.

“I’ve told you too much already. Ask Caspar… I’m sorry Elodie, I have to go.”

“Sam, I can’t deal without you. I’m going mad by myself. Please stay for a little while, even if it means that we have to stop time for a little while.”

“Elly, Enders can sense when time stops and where if it’s close by them. I don’t want you to be found. It would risk too much. I wish I could stay too, I miss you more than you can imagine.”

With that he was gone.


I walked down the stairs. I walked down to where Calum, Stone and Caspar were preparing a very late dinner. I pulled my jumper off and set it down on the table. No one moved, no one blinked, and no one made a sound except for the chop- chop of the knife on the cutting board. I had a gun stuck into the back of my black jeans. The bullets were made from the shavings of a Fire Knife so they were deadly to my kind.

I pulled it out, pointing at my ‘family’ and holding my finger on the trigger. I never left the safety on because it was hard being a Jumper. You never knew when an Ender could appear and if you have the safety on your gun- you’re pretty much a goner.

“I take it the meeting with Sam went well then?” Caspar asked calmly. Calum put his hands up, surrendering and in shock.

“I take it that you realise I would want to know about this prophecy with me in it?” Caspar stopped chopping vegetables. Stone put his book down. “Yeah, I know that you guys know. Sam told me.” I said. Stone’s face went red with anger.

“Next time that little creep shows his face here, I will torture him. I will torture him until he tells us everything he knows and then I’ll chop his pretty little gay head off.” Stone hissed.

“You’ll do no such thing, Chester.” I spat at him. Stone’s face become- if I may- stony, and he didn’t say anything more.

Caspar came near me and I held my finger down on the trigger pointing it to his bearded face. He had trimmed it regularly since we had moved here but his hair seemed to grow extremely fast, something I wouldn’t be able to get my now dyed black hair to do even if I was dead.

Yes that doesn’t make sense, but it was true. Yes, I dyed my hair black, so did Stone. It was to make sure that we blended in completely with our surroundings while we were tailing Enders.

“Calum, would you mind going to see to our prisoner?” Stone muttered in Calum’s ear. Calum obviously realised that this was a family affair which I didn’t even think it was and scurried out the door.

I pointed the gun at Caspar desperately.

“Elly, trust me, you don’t want to do that.” He said tersely. I laughed like a maniac.

“Don’t tell me what I do and don’t want to do, Caspar. You barely know me, Caspar. You don’t even ever tell me the truth, Caspar.” I said,

“Dad…” Stone complained. We both ignored him. Caspar walked towards me and put his hands in the air. I noticed that he still had a knife in his hand.

“Put the knife down, Caspar.” I whispered. Caspar nodded and slowly put the knife on the table.

A moment later, Caspar was behind me, the knife to my throat and his other hand pinning my arms down. I laughed again.

“You can’t hurt me with that, Caspar. Age has really gotten to your head.”

Caspar laughed sadly.

“As it seems, you young people think you are invincible.”

He took the knife away from my throat. I thought he was finished, but then he sliced my arm, above my elbow, through my shirt and deep.

Stone and I both gasped at the realisation that the knife was actually none other than the only thing that could kill me. I yelped and scurried away from Caspar.

“Calum,” I whispered more to myself than to anyone else. I was about to take my last breath and he was gone. He was the only person I would have wanted to be there at my deathbed out of the three people (not including the Ender) in the house with me. I closed my eyes, but nothing happened.

 For the first time in a long time, I felt pain.

The End

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