Chapter 22: ElodieMature



There are four things that everyone should know about me.

First, I’m a killer. Second, I don’t do it because I like it; I do it because I have to. Third, I can jump through time and stop time. Number four is currently debatable between the fact that I am an indestructible warrior bent upon the destruction of a race of creatures that are very much like me but different and that I should be living a normal life if it weren’t for my birthright.

I don’t live in Michigan anymore. I live in Northampton in England. I live there with my father Caspar, who is now closer to 11 000 years old because of his recent trip to the middle ages, my brother Stone who is almost 455 years old and my very, very close friend, Calum. Calum and I are only 16 but in the past year, we’ve seen a lot and I think both of us are mentally older than we look.

Usually when people look at us, they see a normal family. That’s good, and that’s the way we like it. Caspar gets assignments from the other Reserved members and other Jumpers who run through town sometimes.

I have absolutely no connection with anyone from Michigan anymore. I didn’t want to include any of my old friends and my old fake family into this life. This life would most likely kill them. The only reason that Calum joined us is because he has the blood of a time jumper running through his veins.

Stone told me once that I would end up getting over all my old friends and family. I thought it would be easier than this. It’s only been a year and I miss everyone so bad. It’s a kind of home sickness that can’t go away- that won’t go away because there is no way that I can go back.

The one thing that I really want to do is to take Stone, Caspar and Calum; go to Hawaii or some other nice place, stop time and just live there- forever. Unfortunately, I have a job to do. And that job requires saving every little person on this Earth.

And yes, we are the good guys- whether any normal person would accept it.

 Like it or not.


There was a group of Time Enders roaming the city and it was our job to destroy them. First we were to wait until they went back to their ‘nest’ and then we would infiltrate and kill. Spying on them and watching everything they were doing was my favourite part. It was like pretending to be the Mafia or something. It was lots of fun too.

I watched as the tallest one- a male in his early twenties put his arm around the young blonde girl, also in her early twenties. The female laughed and then froze. She turned around to where I was standing. I was mostly invisible due to the fact that it was one of the darkest nights this month and I was wearing complete black. She saw nothing. She turned back around and took the male’s hand which she had discarded when she turned.

I closed my eyes and jumped back to five minutes ago.

Now I was ahead of them, standing about 50 metres ahead of my last spot, just a few metres away from where they stood. I found a space in the street which wasn’t lit by the street lamps and returned to the present.

The couple passed by me and I was successfully quiet. And then it happened. Up ahead, Stone waited in the darkness, following them just like me. He followed and he followed and I followed. Then Calum tripped over someone’s cat on the sidewalk and blew our cover.

The Enders whipped around, leaving no trace of the happy couple they were just portraying. Calum struck, stabbing the male in the back. Lucky for them, it wasn’t a Fire Knife- the only weapon that could kill time Enders and Jumpers- it was just a normal knife. It wasn’t that we didn’t trust Calum, it was just that because he couldn’t jump through time, he couldn’t use the knives the way we do.

Stone took on the male after Calum, ripping him to shreds with his multiple martial arts skills which he had been practising and practising and itching to try out on some Enders. I couldn’t help smiling. That was my brother! The one who just freaking back flipped and killed that man!

It wasn’t something that a normal person would be proud of.

Calum went on watch to make sure that no one walked up on us and called the police. That happened about a month ago. We followed some Enders to Leicester and were put in prison. Caspar bailed us out. Stone was the happy chap son who was all ‘thanks dad’. I was the morose teen daughter with a more subtle look at it. While Caspar was saying ‘how lucky we all were to have such a great father’ I was the ‘Caspar; can we just go home?’

So I was having problems calling my father that one word- dad. Not my fault he had to earn it. He was almost there. Maybe another year and Caspar would earn his title of dad from me. Who knows, depending on each day, week, month; it could be a month before he earned the title.

Luckily this time, no one was coming to ruin our fun. So we wouldn’t find the nest of Enders. But at least we were ridding the world of evil! The only other thing I would have been doing is sitting at home, pretending to look for signs of Enders but actually playing Paxon on my laptop.

By the way, Paxon is an extremely addictive game derived from the original Pac man game but also nothing like it because no matter what you do, you cannot eat the ghosts. Hmm…. Life is strange.

While I had been pondering my life, Stone had already brutally murdered the male and had tied the female up. Calum surveyed the area before waving us through. Caspar pulled up in his inconspicuous 4WD. We dumped the body of the male in the boot and shoved the female in there too. It was actually easier than we thought to fit both of them in. Not comfortably of course; lying in a boot with your dead friend and being tied up while slowly suffocating but not actually being able to be suffocated because the only thing that can kill you is a certain knife would definitely not be comfortable.

Stone took the back seat and so did Calum. There was no more space in the back. I rolled my eyes. They had obviously conspired before this to make sure that I sat in the front passenger seat next to Caspar so he could have a talk with me.

Too bad I was in a bad mood. All three of them tried making conversation but I kept my mouth shut. Even the female Ender in the back tried to yell out; all three of my company told her to shut up. I kept my mouth shut. I was saving my energy for something else.

We pulled up outside our house and again, Calum took watch to make sure no one saw us taking the dead body and the tied up girl out of the boot of our car. Stone took the girl and Caspar took the dead weight. He’d throw it out sooner or later. They all left me, knowing that it was my specialty that was coming up next.

Opening up the basement, chaining the girl’s arms, legs and neck and making sure she couldn’t move was the first thing we checked off our list. It was then that I took a Fire Knife and held it to her throat.

“Who are you working for?”  I screamed in her face. I took the knife away and she looked relieved. Too relieved…. I threw the knife down into her hand. She screamed in pain.

Ah, the torturing was always the best part.

“I’m not telling you anything.” She replied a little too firmly for my taste.

“You just did,” I laughed sarcastically. She stared at me, blatant hatred on her face. And so, as you do, I slapped her across the face. It was a hard slap. And before anyone up in my head asks, Timers (Jumpers and Enders) do feel pain, just less than normal people usually get. That’s why I slapped her hard. That’s why my head still hurts when I try to do my hair in the morning or after I go swimming and my hair gets all knotty because of the chlorine and decides to hate me. “You know what; I think I’m going to like you. See, a lot of the Enders that I torture here really just don’t have a high threshold for pain and so it comes down to whether or not I can hold off killing them while trying to weasel information out of them. You can take pain though.”

“You are a sadistic Jumper.” She hissed at me. I nodded.

“I used to be different,” I paused as I pulled the knife out of her hand and she squealed. I put the knife onto my table of instruments. I found a long, thick, rusty nail and looked back up at her. “Here, I have an idea, tell me your name and I won’t stick this into your other hand.” Her bottom lip quivered but that didn’t sway me.

I pulled a chair up and undid the chain around her neck.

“Sit, you disgusting pig.” I growled. She obliged. I untied and re-tied her to the chair. “Now tell me, or you’re going to have a hard time.”

She shook her head. I shook mine too, mirroring her. Picking up a large screw driver, I held the rusty nail over her tied up hand and placed the screw driver in position.

“Last chance…” I whispered. No answer. Good for me, bad for her. I drilled the nail into her hand, ignoring her screams and pleas for help until it was up to the head of the nail.

“Oh please, please, I swear to Taren, just stop.” She pleaded.

“Taren? Who is Taren? Is Taren your leader? Tell me what I want to know, you defenceless-

“Elodie- enough,” I knew that voice. Caspar needed to understand that I was angry and I needed to take it out on someone or something unless he wanted me to take it out on Calum, Stone or himself. Caspar took my hand but I shook him off. “We have a name. You can stop. Leave her here until we need more information.”

Dirty tears rolled down the Enders face. They may have looked real but I knew that deep down, Enders didn’t have feelings.

“Leave it here to ROT.” I screamed. That was when Stone showed up. He moved between Caspar and the Ender and me. He took my hands as well but I shook him off too. “Don’t touch me.”

“She’s having another breakdown. Quick, get Calum to take her away.” Stone muttered to Caspar.

Calum appeared and took me out of the room.

“Please, just let me go.” I heard the Ender saying. Stone and Caspar followed Calum and I out of the basement. They shut the door behind them.

Just as Calum took me up the stairs, I heard Stone and Caspar.

“What are we going to do with her?”

The End

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