Chapter 19: ElodieMature

Long story short, Stone and I went ten pin bowling because I wanted to forget about this war going on which I hadn’t even been told much about. Then, I didn’t go to school today. Today was Thursday and Isabelle called me and told me that the new kid Calum was asking about me. Awkward, because I didn’t even know him all that well and he seemed to really know me. Then about half way through the day, Stone told me that Caspar; our father had prepared a mission for me. I was to go on a ‘blind date’ with this Ender named Dean. Dean had killed about five people just this week. All of those people were under the age of twenty, had been on dates the night they were killed and were found with their hearts missing. By missing, I mean that their hearts had been ripped from their bodies and were completely gone.

Stone had entrusted me with a fire knife and had arranged clothes for me to wear (I was complete with a leather jacket and all); I was to meet Dean at the most popular café in this town. It was the same café that almost every single person at my school would go to on a usual Thursday afternoon.

Long story short, I got there and was in the booth, pretending to be happy when actually being scared shitless because Stone told me to kill him. No emotion, no nothing. Just kill Dean, clean the knife, make sure no one sees you and call me afterwards so I can send a team to clean it up. It was a great way to describe a human being, I told Stone. I was reminded of Dean’s true nature of a Time Ender.

Whatever though, I guess. If it was helping the war even a tiny bit, then I was glad to do my bit. I was waiting in the booth and Dean sat opposite me. We were in lucky booth number 7, my favourite number.

Dean was pretty striking, and I may have been attracted to him if I wasn’t his mortal enemy. Lucky he didn’t know that.

“Hi, I’m Dean; it’s a pleasure to meet you.” Dean said, sticking his hand out for me to shake. I shook it, purely out of politeness.

“Hi I’m Elodie; the pleasure is all mine…” God I hoped he was easy to kill.

“Have you ordered yet?” He asked me. I shook my head. While we were discussing what to get, the conversation somehow turned to family and my cultural past. Lucky at that moment, Calum interrupted us.

“Calum, you work here? Sheesh, I’ve been here all my life and I haven’t gotten a job anywhere.” I exclaimed.

We ordered- I ordered for Dean because he wasn’t speaking. Before Calum could leave, I told him that we were actually going and inconspicuously pulled the fire knife out of my pocket. I got Dean up and held the knife tightly at his back. He could stop time at any minute and kill someone. I took him out the back exit. No one was around.

“You’re one of them?” Dean asked me in a gravelly voice. I put the knife back into my pocket and then pulled it out again. I grabbed Dean’s shoulder and he tried to get away. I said the magic word and the knife lit up and I first stuck it into his gut, admiring the flames and then again into his heart. I then opened my phone, put the perfectly clean knife into my pocket and began calling Stone to send the clean-up crew. 

There was a noise behind me, back up near the café/restaurant. I stared up at the noise which came from Calum tripping over some rubbish. Then he yelled at me and I smirked at him because he had absolutely no idea. He turned on his heel and I knew I couldn’t let him leave like that. I couldn’t let him tell anyone else about this.

“Wait…” I said. He turned back and crossed his arms. I knew that he was scared of me because of what he saw me do. “I can explain, but you wouldn’t believe me.”

“Try me.” Calum said. I rolled my eyes and we ended up sitting at booth 7 after Calum lost his job.

So then I explained about me being a Time Jumper and how Dean wasn’t a normal guy, he was a Time Ender, mortal enemy of Time Jumpers and human beings. I left out the part about Dean being the serial killer in the papers. Then something happened which Stone had told me about yesterday.

“Wait- do you even remember saving me?” Calum asked. My head came up. I swore three times and then banged my hand on the table hard.

“Stone warned me about this, it’s like a conundrum.” I muttered to myself. I turned back to Calum, “I haven’t saved you yet. Well, you remember it because it happened to you, but I haven’t saved you yet. It doesn’t make sense and you shouldn’t; even believe me because I sound so crazy.” I hoped he wasn’t like Sam. I hoped he didn’t believe me so easily because he was a bad guy.

 “Elodie,” Calum sounded so firm, I stared at him like I had never seen him before. “You saved me. I was going to drown that day. And you, with your orange bandana pulled me out of the water. You introduced yourself as Elodie, freaked out, left me by the water and disappeared. That’s why, in the morning at sport on Wednesday, you were wearing the same bandana and looked exactly the same. I knew I had seen you before but it took me about a day to remember where I actually saw you.”

“But it doesn’t make sense. I didn’t save you on that day. I Jumped to some convention and almost got killed. You know what, I’ll save you tomorrow. I’ll wear the bandana and-

“You have to have your hair in a ponytail.” Calum said. I laughed a real laugh. It was an honest laugh and it felt so good to laugh.

“Ok. Anyway, I have to go. I asked Stone- he’s my Double, kind of like my brother from another mother…but from the same mother- to get a couple of his buddies to clean up the mess I made. I have to return the Fire Knife to him.” I told Calum

It was then that I made the decision to not save Calum. I wasn’t going to save Calum. Maybe if I didn’t save him; the memory of me saving him would disappear and he wouldn’t seem so obsessed with me anymore.

I jumped away. I had to get Stone to save him otherwise his entire present would be thrown off.

If Calum were to die; everything would change.

The End

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