Chapter 15: ElodieMature

So, when I got home, I hid the fire knife in my double jumper pocket. Dinner was on the table, steaming and smelling delicious but everyone was in the lounge room.

“My darling, Elodie; how have you held up while we’ve been away?” My platinum blonde fake mother’s hair shone in the light and her expression held nothing but concern.  I shot Darren a look. He must have told her that I was seeing things.

My fake mother was quite young for a mother of three, only about 38 years old. My fake father’s hairline was lined with sweat, and both of my brothers sat solemnly next to him.

“What’s the occasion?” I asked nervously. I didn’t know whether Caspar was watching or not but if he thought I was going to slaughter the only family I had ever known, he was dead wrong.

“Honey, are you alright? Are you feeling ok?” My fake mother asked me. I shot Darren another look since he didn’t seem to appreciate the first one. He shrugged.

“I’m fine, but I have some kinda big news to tell you.” I swallowed. “Good thing you’re all sitting down.”

My fake father watched me closely. I sighed.

“Just spit it out, Elodie. It’s not like you’re pregnant or something….” Michael trailed off. His eyes narrowed. My fake mother stood up and grabbed my shoulders. She shook them hard.

“You’re not pregnant are you?” She yelled. I shook my head.

“No, it’s nothing like that, calm down….mum.” I had a hard time spitting out the word mum, but she didn’t seem to notice. She sat back down, calmly. “I… found something out. It was hard to believe but I was shown pictorial evidence. It’s about my real parents.”

My fake mother broke down into tears and I looked down at her. My fake father put his arms around her. My brothers both looked down.

My jaw dropped.

“You all knew?” I screeched. My fake mother reached out but I let her arms fall. “Why didn’t you tell me? You could have at least told me that I was adopted.”

My father shook his head, remorseless. I was confused.

“We weren’t permitted to tell you. We all knew because when you were given to us, a man by the name of Caspar came and handed you over with teary eyes. He said he was going to wipe our memories but he never got around to it before he disappeared.” Dad said. I didn’t know whether that piece of information made me hate Caspar more or feel a little bit of respect for my now confirmed biological father. I nodded slowly and put my hand inside my jumper pocket to where the knife was. I was not ready to use it on my ‘family’ even if they were fake.

“Just tell me, did you love me? Did you ever love me like a daughter… like a sister?” I asked. Michael was the one to speak up.

“Mum and dad always loved you like you were their own. Darren always loved you like a sister….but…” He trailed. I looked at him questioningly. He sighed, looked at Darren and continued, “I never could get over the fact that you weren’t actually a part of this family- Ow!” He squealed when their mother hit him. A fleeting smile passed over my face.

“Shut up, she was always a part of this family you drama queen.” Their mother hissed.

“I have to leave. I was sent here to say bye and then never return and I guess, Michael, if you felt that way, it won’t be that hard to let me go.” I said. Michael looked down.

“Honey…” Their mother said to me. I shook my head.

“Let’s start over. You don’t know me, but I’m Elodie, I have a father and a brother and apparently my biological mother died soon after I was born. I thank you for letting me live with you for all these years.” I whispered. They all stood up because they knew I was right and that this day was going to come even though they never thought to tell me anything. I choked on tears which never came. It was weird because I never usually cried- lies, lies, I cry a lot. I’m a very sensitive person…

My fake mother held her hand out.

“Hi, I’m Diana, I’m an actress. It’s…nice to meet you.” She said, obviously upset. My father stood up and smiled at me, tears in his eyes.

“I knew this day would come- I’m Vic. I’m a singer.” I shook his hand warmly.

Michael stuck his hand out and frowned at me.

“I’m sorry, Elodie,” I took his hand and shook my head.

“No problem,”

“I’m Michael by the way.” He said. I nodded. Darren was the last to take a stand. When he stuck a hand out, and I took it, he pulled me in for a brotherly hug instead. I realised that although they had lied to me all these years, I was raised with them and I was going to miss them more than life.

“God dammit, Elodie, you’ve been the best sister in the world- related to me or not- I love you so much, and I’m never not going to call you my sister. To me, you’ll always be my sister and even if you leave, I will never forget you.” He let go of me and smiled sadly. “It doesn’t matter what anyone says. You’ll always have family here.” He put a hand over his heart. “You’ll always have family here.”

Trust Darren for making this such a heartfelt event. I exhaled and raised my eyebrows.

“Well, I’ve got to go pack and then I’ll be off and out of Michael’s hair- what little hair he does have.... Forever.”

I was packed and off in less than ten minutes. No one resisted and so the knife stayed safe in my pocket. It was only when I was out of the house and met by Stone that I took it out.

Stone was wearing a button up jacket with a collar. He was wearing jeans and those same pair of Converse that I’d seen him wearing elsewhere. His green eyes sparkled with delight when he saw the knife.

“Ah, you were entrusted with a blade of let’s-go-have-some-fun!” He said enthusiastically. His auburn-brown hair, so closely matching with mine, was tossed about as Stone jumped about. He walked ahead of me, super happy. I laughed. I was happy to see him so happy. It was as if we never got attacked by Enders. He seemed to live each day like it was his last. But then, as a Time Jumper- you never knew which day could be your last.

“Why is it a blade of fun?” I laughed as I followed him.

“Because you can kill people with it,” Stone said, “Duh,”

He was such a… such a dude.

“Stone, why do they send you to live with another family and then break your heart while you find out that you don’t actually belong with them at all?” Stone stopped short ahead of me.

“Elodie…. They don’t do this to everyone. They didn’t do it to me, to any of the other Time Jumpers or the Time Enders even. The only people they do that to, is to people they believe could one day rule us. Elodie… you’re destined to become our leader, and me to protect you.”

“What are you saying?” I asked. Stone pulled on his hair. “Well, sorry if I don’t know, I don’t exactly get told much around here.”

“I’m saying all of that was to protect you for as long as we could. To protect you from a truth we’ve been trying to hide from you. There’s going to be a battle Elodie. A real big one. You’re the key to saving everyone on this god forsaken planet.”

The End

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