Chapter 13: CalumMature

Going to work was never my favourite thing. They only hired me about a week ago because they thought I showed ‘potential’ but lately, the only potential I had, was potential to find out more about Elodie. Isabelle had given me hope, even though she told me she wasn’t talking to Elodie anymore because of some girl fight that they had. Girls confused me sometimes; sometimes they had fights and started World War 3 and then the next day they were back to being best friends again.

Working at a popular café had its advantages though. Lots of people from school came through and said hi, and it was a good way to get to meet other people. Not to mention the money. I got paid, and that meant I was getting money. Money to buy a car one day and maybe even money to travel to unknown places…. The thought of going somewhere and leaving everyone made my brain dizzy.

I came out of the staff room wearing black pants and a black shirt. That was the dress code uniform that the boss had instructed that I wear. As I opened the door and turned around, I swore. Elodie was sitting in the booth directly across from me, under the window. She was with a guy; a guy who I knew was not her brother because I had seen her with her brothers. He was obviously making her laugh and I was obviously jealous. I shook my head. Yes, I was sure that Elodie had saved me, but I should have been logic and known that there was no way that Elodie was ever going to like me.

I went and stood at the counter, waiting for my manager to finish serving someone so they would tell me what to do. She finished.

“Booth 7 still needs to order, could you take care of that, Calum.” She smiled and turned to another couple who stood at the counter. I smiled back because the number seven was my favourite and my lucky number. I stopped smiling when I got to the booth though. Elodie and her black eyed, black haired, black clothed boyfriend smiled up at me and recognition flew over Elodie’s face. I smiled, hoping that I didn’t look too hopeful, hoping that I didn’t look as though I needed her to remember saving me.

“Calum, you work here? Sheesh, I’ve been here all my life and I haven’t gotten a job anywhere.” Elodie laughed. She was in a better mood today than the other day when she told me off. But then I remembered. It was Thursday afternoon; she wasn’t at school because she was sick. She wasn’t sick. “Can I have a cup of English breakfast tea and bacon and eggs please? Dean, what do you want?”

“We have the soup of the day special.” I offered. Dean looked at me and shook his head. Then he looked at Elodie and smiled. She seemed to know exactly what to do.

“He’ll have the same, please.” Something dawned on Elodie and she looked like someone had died. But, for all I knew someone could have already died and I wouldn’t know because I wasn’t her boyfriend- hell I wasn’t even sure if I was her friend at all. “Actually…scratch that, we have to go. See you tomorrow.”

She pushed Dean forward out of the booth and pushed him towards the back exit. I wanted to know why he was taking orders from her. Until I saw something silver pressed against Dean’s back. Elodie gave me a warning look that said ‘don’t follow me’. Too bad I was a nosy piece of work.

They exited out the door and I quietly followed. I didn’t have to go far- they were standing outside the back, only a couple of steps away from the door. It wasn’t necessarily dark outside the front of the café but it sure was dark out here.

“You’re one of them?” I could hear the disgust in Dean’s gravelly voice. I watched his skin ripple, but before he could hurt her- which I was fully capable of helping Elodie if he chose to lash out on her or-

Elodie interrupted my thoughts when she pulled a knife out of the inside pocket of her leather jacket. I watched in silence as Dean attempted to wriggle out her grip, trying to get as far away from the little knife as possible.

“Ignis….” Elodie hissed. I took Latin with her friend Sam. I shook my head and then, unthinking, I gasped. The knife lit up- exploding into flames. Dean made a noise that I didn’t think was humanly possible. But then Elodie slammed the flaming knife into his gut. Dean fell over and Elodie pulled out the still flaming knife. She stepped over Dean’s convulsing body and plunged it into his chest, right where his heart would be. When she pulled the knife out, the flames abruptly stopped with no trace of blood dripping from its perfectly clean surface. She sheathed it in her pocket and smiled. Then she opened her phone, and began talking into it.

I didn’t understand. I didn’t understand how someone who had saved me could kill an innocent guy who she was just on a date with. I stumbled back, tripping on a pile of rubbish that some stupid person had left there. Elodie looked up at the noise and stared at me. Now, she was the one who swore. I didn’t have to hide anymore and I was lucky because I wanted to yell at her.

“What the hell, Elodie? First, you save me and then you kill your date? Why would you do that? You can’t just kill people; you know it turns people off you. I just watched you kill an innocent man and when I go back in there I’m going to call the police.” I screamed. She smirked.

I turned on my heel.


I turned back. I crossed my arms. I tried to look all tough but I knew that she knew that I was scared of her.

“I can explain.” She said breathlessly. “But you wouldn’t believe me.”

“Try me.”


And that was how we ended up sitting in one of the booths after I was fired for bad customer service and I made two customers leave the café. That is very bad and now because of the strange girl sitting across from me who saves people and then kills other people- I had lost my job and now would have no money to go places or maybe even buy a car.

“I can….jump through time. The guy you saw me kill was a Time Ender. He could stop time.” She was about to continue talking but I held up my hand and pointed at her jacket.

“What the hell is that weird knife thing that lights up into flames?” I asked shakily.

“It’s called a fire knife and-

“Wait- do you even remember saving me?” I asked. Her head came up sharply. She swore about three times before banging her hand down on the table- hard.

“Stone warned me about this, it’s like a conundrum.” She muttered to herself, and then to me- “I haven’t saved you yet. Well, you remember it because it happened to you, but I haven’t saved you yet. It doesn’t make sense and you shouldn’t even believe me because I sound so crazy.”

“Elodie,” I must have sounded so sincere and firm because Elodie looked at me like I was the sun. “You saved me. I was going to drown that day. And you, with your orange bandana pulled me out of the water. You introduced yourself as Elodie, freaked out, left me by the water and disappeared. That’s why, in the morning at sport on Wednesday, you were wearing the same bandana and looked exactly the same. I knew I had seen you before but it took me about a day to remember where I actually saw you.”

“But it doesn’t make sense. I didn’t save you on that day. I Jumped to some convention and almost got killed. You know what, I’ll save you tomorrow. I’ll wear the bandana and-

“You have to have your hair in a ponytail.” I said. She laughed and it was a real, honest laugh.

“Ok. Anyway, I have to go. I asked Stone- he’s my Double, kind of like my brother from another mother…but from the same mother- to get a couple of his buddies to clean up the mess I made. I have to return the Fire Knife to him.”

I still didn’t understand everything only the fact that Elodie could jump through time and she was stuck in some massive war between a group of her people who could also jump through time and a group of people who could stop time altogether. Who knows what they could have done to people.

I realised that I had zoned out and Elodie was gone.

But she wasn’t just gone.

The memory of Elodie saving me was slowly fading; replaced by a memory of a young man saving me instead.

The End

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