Chapter 12: ElodieMature

It was around 4:00 when I realised that I had misplaced the turquoise business card during my eventful Jump. By the time that 4:30 came around, I still hadn’t found it. There was no way that I could contact Stone and there was no one else that I could turn to. Then the wheels turned in my head. I turned on my phone and unlocked it.

There was the number that I had called and texted most in my life.

There was the number of the person that now scared me most.

There was the number of the only person I knew that could maybe help me.

And so, being me and being stupid and also really smart at the same time, I called the number and waited.

“Hello?” The reply came.

“I need your help.”

I waited and heard a sigh.

“Elodie, honey, I may have been your friend and your protector for all of these years but I’m an Ender! And in case that went under your radar- that means we can’t be friends. Plus, I tried to kill you. Doesn’t that mean you should at least hate me if not be scared of me?”

“Sam- I know you better than anyone else. Underneath all of that, you’re still my friend. Also, I really need a favour.” I heard another sigh. I could practically hear Sam agreeing. “Ok, so, I was supposed to go to some initiation thing but I lost the card and I was supposed to be there five minutes ago but I have no idea where to go, I have no idea how to reach Stone and you are the only other person I know who has knowledge of this whole thing.”

The sudden silence deafened me. I heard the phone go dead. I put it back in my pocket and knew. All hope was lost. I was doomed. And not to mention, Stone was probably going to hate me, figure out that I’m dead weight and try to drop me.


I jumped. Not literally Jumped through time but I jumped with fright and turned around because Sam was standing behind me.

“How did you get here so fast?” I asked.

“Being an Ender has its upsides. But, I can’t help you. I don’t know the location of the Headquarters of your kind- but, I do know another Time Jumper, she can help you.”

I nodded.

“What did you mean when you said you were my protector?” I asked him. Sam kind of smiled.

“You’re the daughter of a Time Jumper. Lots and lots of Enders would have tried to kill you before now if it weren’t for me. Any time one got close, I made sure they would never get close again.” He said, licking his lips with disappointment. “I thought that maybe if I could keep them all away, you’d never be a Jumper. You were my only real friend, Elodie. I had to repay it somehow.”

I hugged Sam, smiling at the delight on his face. He didn’t know yet that this would probably be the last time we would ever be this close to each other.

“Thanks for everything. I know you…you tried…” I said. Sam’s skin rippled and I inched backward.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t stop them. I’ll get the Time Jumper now.” He said.

“Then don’t come back, please.” I whispered. Sam’s face fell. But nonetheless, he nodded his head. I reached out a hand and was about to say sorry when his skin swelled and he snarled at me. I drew my hand back. Sam looked forlorn. Then he was gone.

I wasn’t expecting anyone to get to my house to help me for a while so I looked through all my pockets and my bags to try and find the card. I was late anyway, but it couldn’t hurt to look. After I attempted to find the card- and failed- I sat down in my lounge room.

I had put the card in my pocket when Stone gave it to me and I hadn’t taken it out. I reached into my pocket. I don’t know what I was hoping for, I don’t know whether I was hoping for it to magically appear in my pocket like I hadn’t checked it about five times before. My life wasn’t a magical movie where impossible things happened- although being told you’ve jumped through time was pretty magical.

My pocket was just as I was expecting- empty. There was a knock on the white glass front door. I looked up, stood up and slowly walked up to the door. Wearing a black hoodie, blue denim skinny jeans from Target and plain black sneakers, a young girl, looking about 18 years of age stood.

“Are you Elodie? Sam Cairngorm sent me. He said you were late for your appointment.”

Her voice was sweet. It was melodic and it reached me as clearly as if she was standing next to me, which, in a second, she was.

“You guys don’t know how to wait. You just knocked on the door; can’t you wait a minute for me to open the door?” I yelled. She shrugged. Obviously she didn’t care less, but I could see in her green eyes that she was watching everything with a close eye.

“I am ever so sorry but we have no time to lose,” She laughed heartily at her own joke, “and I know where you have to go. You don’t. So I think it is imperative that you come with me now.” I swallowed. She rolled her eyes. Although during her eye roll I could see she was assessing her surroundings AKA my home.

“Too bad I’m not going anywhere until you tell me where we’re going, who you are and what you’re getting out of helping me.” I stood my ground and crossed my arms. She snorted and picked at a loose thread on her jumper.

“You’re a killer queen aren’t you? We are the champions in this; we will rock you until another one bites the dust- don’t stop me now- because this? Honey it’s a bicycle race.”

I blinked. And then again and again and she poked her tongue out.

“I don’t see how Queen has anything to do with this. Just tell me your name and we can go. My parents brought me up telling me not to go anywhere with strangers.” I looked her up and down. Again she rolled her eyes.

“So knowing my name will make me go from stranger to friend?” She said.

“No, but it sure would help.”

I could see that she was becoming impatient.

“Look, if you don’t want my help, if you want to miss your appointment, if you want to sit here and wallow by yourself- you should have just said so. Oh, and those people who brought you up, they aren’t your real parents.” Now, that one hurt. And unfortunately, she could see it. She smirked and crossed her arms. “Now let’s go before I get annoyed and Jump away, leaving you with no way to get to your measly initiation ceremony.

I nodded stiffly, knowing there was no way around this. She gestured out the door for me to go first. At least there was one part that I could win. I shook my head and pointed out the door. She was the one who knew where we were going, not me. She was going to go first, not me.

She trudged out the door. I smiled. Well, of course I was going to smile because I finally got my way.

“My name is TJ302043 by the way and Queen has to do with us because Freddie Mercury was a Time Jumper. He didn’t actually die from pneumonia.”

We walked down the road.

“Wow… I guess there’s a heap that I don’t know.” I struggled to make any more conversation than that. “Hang on; your parents named you TJ302043?” Her sarcastic and witty laugh ruined my thoughts.

“No, it means Time Jumper 302043. You’d think you didn’t know anything. Like seriously, didn’t your Double tell you anything?”

“No…” I mumbled. I was actually annoyed at Sam because he was the one who told this annoying, sarcastic, annoying Jumper to come and help me. I didn’t know whether it was my fault or his that she was here. But she was showing me (hopefully) to the Time Jumper headquarters where everything was going to be explained. 

The End

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