Chapter 11: ElodieMature

Wait, wait- back up a little there. The reason that I gasped was because one of them had a fire knife, and that was the only thing that could kill Stone. I know I didn’t really know Stone but if he was my Double, and he just claimed that he had been waiting 452 for his Double which BTW, means we were both from the same parent Time Jumper, which also explains the similarities between us; I wasn’t going to do nothing when he was this close to death.

“See, we heard that you’ve found a Double.” One said.

“And we heard you have one of the unaccounted for fire knives in your possession to give to her.” Another said. I didn’t speak. The one who didn’t speak held out his fire knife and smiled deathly.

“Bring out your double or we kill you.”

Stone frowned. His fire knife appeared in his hand.

“She’s not here.” I could see that they could sense the lie even though Stone made it sound as though he’d never heard of me before. “Even if I did have a Double- which I don’t, what is your problem with it? I have waited 452 years when most people only have to wait a mere 15 or 16 years.” Stone shook his head in disbelief. The three men stared daggers at him, no one moving or speaking until the guy on the left with the bright blue eyes put his head up like a dog sniffing something.

I cocked my head to the side and watched him. It turned out that he actually was sniffing something- and what he actually was sniffing was me.

“There is another Time Jumper here with us.” He said in an unusually high voice that he didn’t have before. I didn’t speak. I caught Stone glance at me. But he didn’t look scared, so I wasn’t scared. It was weird. The three men stalked forward and I noticed their skin rippling like Sam’s.

“Elodie- Jump back, Jump back- I know you can do it-

Stone’s voice was cut off as he was attacked. I screamed out his name and they all looked up- again like wild dogs. Stone shook his head as he was tackled to the ground.

“Stop- Don’t hurt him, please.” I screamed, my voice cracking on the last word.

“Elodie….” The two without the fire knives rolled my name around on their tongues; they made my name sound so exotic, so strange. I watched them change, their skins turning inside out so they became the monsters. Stone reached out to me with his free hand (the other one was holding back the leader) and threw the knife he was holding.

The monsters didn’t even notice and I reached out to grab it as it fell through the air.

To me it was like in slow motion when the knife fell and I was like the underdog action hero that no one thought would come out and kill everyone. The knife fell and I reached out to grab it; feeling so awesome.

And then I hit the ground, and the knife hit the ground- a ruler’s length away from me. A monster picked it up and laughed.

Heroism sucked.

My heroic moment was gone, I was on the ground, Stone was on the ground, and the three monsters had the two knives that could kill us both.

At least I had lived a long 452 years like this crappy half sibling tied up next to me; or, behind me actually because we were tied back to back, out hands almost touching. The fire knives were being sharpened, not used against us because the monsters had no clue how to turn them on.

Stone was in the middle of doing something, but I was too angry at him for bringing me into this mess to ask him what. Then he arched his back and his hands moved. He didn’t touch my hands.

“Stone, what the f-

“Sshh, try to get our hands to touch, then I can Jump us out of here, back to our own time.” Stone whispered. And then he added as an afterthought- “Call me Chester around these Enders, that’s what all other Timers call me.”

I nodded although he couldn’t see it from his position.

“But won’t the monsters-

“Monsters? They aren’t called monsters, Elodie, they’re called Enders and if we don’t get our hands together so I can jump us back, they will end our lives.” I was kind of getting sick of his interrupting my incoherent mumbling. Our whispers didn’t seem to reach the Enders ears, which were lucky because as I reached out backwards and Stone’s cold hands found mine, we jumped.

As we Jumped, I saw stars and moons and planets and I saw the whole universe.

I actually didn’t. One minute our hands were tied and we were in the room underneath the ballroom where hundreds of Jumpers and Enders were dancing happily, not noticing that five of their crew had disappeared; and the next- we were in an abandoned classroom which I recognised as the history room.

“Stone, what-

“Yes, even I make mistakes sometimes, shut up.” There Stone went again with the interrupting.

“I’m sorry.” I apologised, muttering to myself. Unfortunately, we were still tied together and we were still back to back. Somehow, Stone slipped out of the complicated knot holding us together and continued undoing it to free me. “Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it. Now give me your hands. We have to go back about 12 years.”

My mouth dropped. I closed it and held my hands out. Stone took them, said goodbye and closed his eyes. I shut mine tight and we jumped straight to my physical education class. Stone smiled. No one seemed to notice him.

“Four thirty, Elodie.” He said before disappearing. I nodded and smiled back and I saw Riana and Isabelle watching me. I realised that because they couldn’t necessarily see Stone, it looked like I was smiling at nothing.

Sam said something to Riana and Riana repeated it to Isabelle. They all glared at me with grave expressions. I shrugged and turned away.

Something was up. But for once I didn’t care. I just wanted to get to 4:30 and maybe I might get some more important questions answered.

The End

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