Chapter 10: ElodieMature

“STONE?!” I yelled. The faintest of faint blushes appeared on Stone’s cheeks.

Kaylee began shaking uncontrollably. She shook so much that the remainder of her hair tumbled down from the elegant hairstyle that she had going on.

“Wait- you know each other? And why did she call you Stone? No one is allowed to call you Stone except for the Reserved and ME.” Kaylee screamed. The casual, cool chick I had met only a few minutes earlier had disappeared and she had turned into a monster. A knife with a red handle appeared in Stone’s left hand but Kaylee didn’t seemed to recognise what was about to happen.

“Get back, Elodie.” Stone cried. I obliged because I really did not want to get hurt in this weird war thing that was going on between these people that I had somehow joined. Now Stone turned to Kaylee. “I didn’t know that you’d turned to the Enders. Kaylee- I’m sorry. Maybe I loved you once, but now you’re just another monster waiting in line for me to exterminate.”

I gasped. That knife was a fire knife. Stone looked pained as he held the knife out.

“Ignis…” He whispered. I knew enough of Latin to know what it meant- Fire. He pulled Kaylee’s now leathery skin towards him and stared straight into her large green eyes.  “See you in Hell, bitch.”

Kaylee snarled as the fire knife exploded in Stone’s hand. It was honestly amazing. The knife lit up and flames danced around it. Then Stone drove the dagger into Kaylee’s heart.

“Elodie is your Double? It doesn’t matter. More and more of us are changing sides.” Kaylee whispered in a croaky voice. Her long spindly fingers searched for Stone and once they did, they stuck to him desperately. “You can never win, Stone.”

She choked and I looked at her in horror. A dark green liquid stained her laced corset. It spread over the white, sickly in its colour.

“I love you.” Kaylee whispered, returning to her beautiful self. There was no emotion in Stone’s face and a tear clung to the corner of Kaylee’s eye. It fell; tracing the planes of her face. The light left her eyes in a flash and it was only then that Stone removed the fire knife from her dead and cold body. As he removed it, the fire stopped, leaving the blade of the knife perfectly clean and a nice colour of stainless steel. Stone let Kaylee drop to the ground.

“Double? You’re my Double? Why didn’t you just explain this all to me? Why didn’t you kill Sam instead of the love of your life? Why-

“Why, why, why- just shut up. I did what I had to do and when you grow to become as skilled as I am in the art of losing everyone you love, then maybe you too will be able to kill your one and only. But until then, I was not going to kill your friend the Time Ender until he proved himself to be bad and I only killed Kaylee because she was a threat to YOU.”

I drew back as if he had zapped me- twice.

“Because of me….” I whispered. I pretended not to see Stone wipe his eyes. “But….why me-

“I have waited for you for 452 years. I’m not about to let anything or anyone stop me from being united with my Double.”

I had the sudden urge to hug this Chester/Stone but the way he held himself made it clear that he didn’t want to be touched. The fire knife disappeared up his sleeve and he wiped down his suit. He then straightened his tie as he looked down at Kaylee’s body without emotion. He looked up at the faceless person manning the door and gestured to the body.

“Seraphil, take care of this- I have business to attend to.” Stone muttered.

“A simple please would be nice.” I told him. But Seraphil bowed his head and began the work of dragging and pulling and then scrubbing the floors clean of the green blood. Stone gave me a look.

“Come on, you are way out of time here and your appointment is at 4:30pm. We have to get you back to your PE lesson, I’m sure they’re missing you.”

“Wait- time goes on when we Time Jump?” I asked. I started panicking.

“Stop hyperventilating, Elodie. I was joking. Time completely freezes. It’s quite hard to explain, that’s why you have an appointment. You will be met by one of the Reserved and they’ll explain everything to you and then you’ll have to do something that… you probably won’t be able to do.” A minute of silence passed and we barrelled down a hallway, turned left and then twisted almost a full 360 degrees before we came to a series of steps. Stone held out his arm which I took.

I took a deep breath. And then I took another one and then another one and then I was breathing normally like any other human being. Sam’s beastly face popped up in my mind and as I watched Stone straighten his tie, I reached up and straightened my bandana.

Stone’s hand tightened and he pushed me in front of him quickly.

“Shit, Elodie can you just please get yourself around the corner and stay there for a moment? I have some more business to attend to obviously.”

I didn’t ask questions, I just put one foot in front of the other until I was around the corner. I peeked around and saw three men standing before Stone. Stone held up his arms in surrender. I gasped and held a hand in front of my mouth to stop another strange sound from escaping.

“Hey Chester; we’ve come to crash the party.” 

The End

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