Chapter 8: CalumMature

Cold, dreary, rainy… describes the typical day I’ve been having. Thursdays usually seemed bright and happy because the weekend was close. But today was just disgusting. Elodie wasn’t here, which pretty much ruined my day. Her gay friend Sam was gone, Riana was gone…. That left me with just Isabelle. I didn’t even want to hang around with her, but since all her friends were gone- she latched onto me like we’d been best friends forever. Which we hadn’t, and we never would be because the only reason I let Riana introduce me to her group was because I knew I had seen Elodie before and I knew she had saved me. It was a shame that she didn’t seem to recognise me.

Elodie seemed to be everything. I was drawn to her and I didn’t know whether or not that was because she saved me so long ago or for some other reason. She seemed to really dislike me though.

I didn’t get it. If you dislike someone, why would you save them?

I don’t know, maybe I was just going crazy.

“The bells about to go and I don’t want to be on time for Advanced Mathematics.” Isabelle told me, interrupting my thoughts. She was a plain girl, the amazing sparkle in her eyes hidden by her thick glasses. Her straight hair was nothing in comparison to Elodie’s thick, long and curly locks.

“You want to jig class? Because I can help you, I have heaps of experience in that element of school. That’s how I got kicked out of my other school. Have you heard from the others? Or Elodie?” I added that last bit in sneakily. Isabelle’s face dropped as she nodded.

“I actually want to go get to class early. Thanks for the offer, although I don’t think I’ll ever want to take it up.” She studied me with narrow eyes, “Elodie is fine, probably happy she missed the Science test earlier. She’s sick and she won’t be back for a while. Why’d you ask?”

I shrugged, trying to keep it cool.  She laughed. I didn’t realise that her laugh was just as plain as the rest of her.

“Just asking,” I glanced out the window and watched the rain shatter itself against the glass. I looked down at my shoes and stood up. “You go. I have some…stuff I have to do.”

“If you are really that concerned about Elodie’s health, then just call her.” Isabelle licked her lips and smiled at me. Her eyes crinkled behind her glasses and she rotated 90 degrees before running away like she was in a race. I was silent as I pondered her words.

“But I don’t have her number.” I realised too late. By then, Isabelle was at the end of the hallway and it was a surprise that she heard me at all. But she turned around and winked before leaving me confused.

Out of the corner of my eye I swore that I saw the orange bandana that Elodie was wearing yesterday. I swivelled around in my seat only to see an orange napkin floating around, in the air only because of the drafts created by the student’s feet.

The bell rang and I sighed. I unwillingly joined the cluster of students shuffling to their classes. For some reason, all I could think about was Elodie. Maybe it was her mother who saved me from drowning eight years ago. But that bandana, tied in exactly the same way, those curls, sitting in the same place- those eyes that shone green…. It was all too much of a coincidence. Elodie had to be the one who had saved me.

I was sure of it.

The End

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