Chapter 7: ElodieMature

The Endless War between the Timers (Time Jumpers and Time Enders) has been going on for a long time.

First, there was one Time Jumper who disappeared. For years, her brothers searched for her, not knowing that she was off creating weapons that could kill, and destroying her heritage as a Jumper to become a special breed of her own- Time Enders.

Time Jumpers

Chosen by the Reserved, Time Jumpers are sent to live a normal human life. Knowing nothing about their origin, Jumpers only gain knowledge of their true heritage when they come of age (between their 15th and 16th birthday). Jumpers each have a Double- another Time Jumper of the same parent. Whoever becomes cursed first seeks out their Double and follows them until they become cursed.

The Curse begins with two words. These words are vos electus. This means- you have been chosen. If these words are spoken, that means the curse is almost complete. Once the new Time Jumper has jumped at least three times of their own accord, the Curse is complete and the Jumper is cursed for the rest of their endless life.

Time Enders

Time Enders can only be killed with a Fire Knife. There are only 10 Fire Knives in existence throughout the world.  The downside is that Fire Knives do not only kill Time Enders- they can exterminate Time Jumpers too.

Currently, three Fire Knives are in possession of the Time Enders and five in possession of the Time Jumpers. Two knives are unfortunately; unaccounted for.

The War is in no obvious condition of ending anytime soon, but if all the knives fall into the hands of one group of Time; either the world will go on, or all hell will break loose upon the Earth.

A hand covered my mouth and I thrashed against the sudden constriction of air to my lungs.

“Calm down, Elodie, just….just calm down.” Darren let go of me. “I thought I heard you scream, but obviously I was wrong.”

“Sam….He….He’s a monster.” I whimpered. “He’s a monster, Darren, and I trusted him.”

“There are no monsters, Elodie. I would have thought you knew that by now.” Darren said sharply. I fell into my brother and hugged him. I cried too. Yes, I cried.

Hey, at least I’m not afraid to admit that I cried. Some people in journals don’t admit that sometimes they are weak and sometimes they cry and sometimes leave out those bits. I won’t because I’m doing that honesty thing and I’m trying to stay honest.

Anyway, I didn’t care whether or not Darren was really my brother. I was just happy that someone was there for me at that moment.

“We need to get you help, Elodie. Mum and Dad will be back soon, please just hold it together until then.” Darren whispered into my ear. I bit my lip to stop myself from saying things I would regret. I didn’t want to end up in a mental hospital. Darren stroked my hair softly. “It’ll be ok, Elodie, you’ll be alright.”

The End

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