Chapter 6: CalumMature

Sam grabbed me. His skin had a leathery texture to it that I knew I had felt before. Although his eyes remained brown, they were shining in a way which gave them a yellow tinge. I tried to shake the Sam-creature off, but his grip was so firm that it almost broke my forearm. I heard a groan from upstairs and I cried out for Michael or Darren- or anyone, really.

“Let go of me you monster!” I yelled. Sam blinked- but his eyelids weren’t quite right. He blinked the opposite way that normal humans did. I gasped as he blinked sideways a few more times.

“Scared of me? You shouldn’t be- we’ve met before. And you laughed.” He growled. He let go of me and I rubbed my arm. A huge red mark appeared in the shape of a hand.

“DARREN…. MICHAEL….” I screamed. No one was answering me. I shook with fear. I didn’t know who this Sam monster was and what it wanted to do. “Why can’t they hear me?” I whimpered.

“For a Time Jumper, you know nothing.” Sam spat at me. “Now,”

He pulled out a long metal scalpel and ran his suddenly overgrown nails along the flat blade. He smiled with long pointed teeth at me.

“Now, it’s time to have some fun,”

I shook my head hard and stumbled backwards.

“DARREN!” I screamed once more. “No, no, Sam, please don’t- what happened to being best friends?” I whispered as he pointed the scalpel towards my hairline. Sam shook with maniacal laughter.

“How would I be ‘friends’ with a Time Jumper when I can be friends with all the Time Enders in the world?”

I must have looked confused because the Sam-Monster held himself back for a second and put his hand to his head.

“I can stop time. I mean honestly, you think your, your- relatives- would have told you something. Michael and Darren are frozen. After you heard the first groan upstairs- everything is frozen. Why do you think I grabbed you? I had to pull you into my Time lock with me.”

I stared in shock at his leathery skin and then a spark of recognition flew through my brain.

“Sam, Sam, please wait- Halloween, five years ago-” I put out my arm and touched his raw skin. I was only hoping to buy myself a little time. I tried not to flinch as I felt something move underneath his arm.


“We weren’t friends then, you looked like this, and we knocked on the same door and we talked. I loved your costume, but you didn’t say anything about mine.”

“You had devil horns and a stick on tail. How does that compare to my natural complexion?” Suddenly Sam seemed to shrink back into his normal self. “You tried to pull my head off because you wanted to try my ‘costume’ on and I ran away.” Sam laughed quietly. I closed my eyes and swallowed. When I opened them, Sam took the book that he was ripping apart a few minutes ago. He dropped the scalpel and handed me the book, guilt splurged across his now normal face.

I took the book hesitantly. He pointed to a certain paragraph written in English.

“I guess it’s only a fair fight if you know the truth.” My best friend, who had just changed in just a few minutes, sighed. ‘Vos electus, Elodie, I wish it wasn’t you that they had chosen- but I’m sorry. I just wanted you to know that I never wanted it to be this way. I really thought of you as my friend until he ruined everything I had built.”

I put out my arm and opened my mouth to speak. But before I could touch him- he was out the door.

The End

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