Chapter 5: ElodieMature

Stone walked out the door and I followed after I debated in my head for a second. But he was gone. He must have jumped through time to get to wherever he wanted to go.

I shook my head and walked back inside, confused but not completely out of it.

Why should I do what he told me to? I didn’t even know him. Although Stone and I looked alike, he had no proof that I was who he said I was except…. Except that I had somehow ‘jumped’ through time back to Tuesday and then been taken back to the present by him.

It was unclear what this actually was. It was unclear whether or not I could trust Stone. But what it really came down to was who I had been living with these past 15 years if they weren’t my real family.

I pulled my phone out of my pocket and dialled Sam’s number. He picked up on the last ring.

“Hello? Hello, I can’t hear you, are you there?”

“Yes! Sam I-

“Ha, ha, gotcha, this is Sam’s message bank, leave me a message- except Elodie, you can call the house number if it’s super urgent.” I was blown a kiss and then I heard the beep. I huffed and waited for a moment before bringing the speaker close to my mouth and whispering.

“I hate you, Sam. I really do.” I hung up with quick succession. I shook my head. I didn’t know what Sam remembered or what version of the past had happened yesterday.

I called out up the stairs and heard a groan. Michael was obviously still in bed and had no immediate plans to go to school. Darren wasn’t home, because he didn’t usually stay at home on Wednesdays. So obviously, I was alone.

My doorbell rang. I hesitated before answering it. Sam fell into my arms holding a couple of really old, falling apart books.

“Elodie- help,” Sam squeaked. I picked up a few dusty volumes from the floor and put them on the kitchen table. Sam heaved the others up with his school bag.

“Ye Olde Latin Curses…. sounds cheerful.” I told Sam with a raised eyebrow. He nodded and glanced around. I smiled to myself. My best friend was such a weirdo sometimes.

“Yeah, uh, we have to look at these before school because I know that one of these has your curse thing in it. I just can’t remember which off the top of my head.” He frowned and I sighed and the floorboards upstairs creaked. Michael was coming down.

As usual, he was shirtless and I faked a vomiting fit.

“Shirt, Michael- honestly, how many times have I told you?” I said calmly whilst gripping the table to stop myself from slapping Sam. “Snap out of it Sam.” I hissed. Michael took my words and considered them.

“I think, you’re younger than me and I don’t have to take orders from you.” He said slowly. I sighed for a second time and curled my hands into fists. I uncurled them. Michael barked out a laugh.

“Whatever…” I grumbled, “I don’t have time for this anyway.” I remembered what Stone had said about this not being my real family anyway. I licked my lips and put my hands on my head. Michael’s face turned from too-cool-to-care-bout-his-younger-sister-who-might-not-even-be-his-sister-at-all, to a very anxious one.

“What’s with all the depressing books?” He asked.

“Put a shirt on and I might tell you.” I taunted. He shook his head and after a while of my death staring he sighed and left us alone. “Alright Sam, let’s see if we can survive this.”

We sat down and without further interruption from Michael, we poured ourselves over the Latin books- or, Sam was, I was just looking at the pictures because I couldn’t read it.

“Elodieeeeeee,” I heard my name being called, but it wasn’t by Sam. “Are you both going to school?”

I looked at Sam and he looked up from his book at me.

“Elodieeeeeee,” I heard my name again. I waited in silence.

“Yes, Michael?” I yelled out. Sam’s eyes stayed on me in silent panic.

“School, now! You and Sam are going to school, and I’m going to drive you there myself.” I frowned. That wasn’t Michael.

“Darren?” I screamed. I stood up and barrelled through the hallway towards Darren’s lonesome room at the very end. This was weird. Darren was never home on Wednesdays because he was studying at the Stanford University. I didn’t usually brag about it, but it was pretty cool to have a brother who went to University when all your friends only had younger siblings. I always felt proud, though, whenever I mentioned him. Like right now, I’m smiling because I’m super proud! Anyway-

I ran straight into Darren, and…. I kind of accidentally pushed both of us over.

“Why are you home?” I asked him when we had both stood up.

“After you went crazy over thinking that you’d already gone through Tuesday, I decided not to go this week because you’d be all alone. It didn’t happen again, did it?” A smile was playing on my brother’s face. I sighed, because he knew he was joking around with me. Of course he didn’t believe me. If I was him, I wouldn’t believe me either.

It was just strange; the fact that Sam had believed me so quickly.

I was then sent back to the kitchen table to get Sam and to get to school. And to pack up the books with my ‘curse’ scrawled in untranslatable Latin.

I turned the corner and heard growling. I stopped. I peeked around the corner of where the two walls met. Sam was hunched over a book, ripping the pages out with quick succession. I covered my mouth to supress a gasp. Sam looked up. His teeth weren’t normal, and his eyes weren’t the right colour.

“Bout time you got back, itty bitty Elodie. Been a while since you saw the true me- hasn’t it?”

I swallowed hard, felt the room spin, and screamed.

The End

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