Chapter 4: ElodieMature

After the incident of the lockers and the weird cloaked guy, Sam took me home. He didn’t want to leave me alone, and seeing that he was the only one who actually knew what those words meant, it was a good idea that he stayed. Darren was probably at Starbucks and Michael was probably skipping school.

“Tell me again what those words mean.” I asked Sam.

“You, have been chosen.” Sam sighed. My pillow pet was just sitting there, about to be sat on by Sam. I picked the penguin up and hugged it. I leant back onto my purple covered bed.

“And why is that so bad?” I asked.

“It’s from an old curse. Not many people know about it, but I was reading a Latin book during Latin and it skimmed over the top of the curse. You come of age and you get shouted at by someone and bam.”

“Oh come on, like that is gonna get me cursed.” I laughed.

“Naw, you were already cursed…I don’t know why they would shout at you though…that’s not very comforting.”

He pulled his phone out of the back pocket of his red skinny jeans.

“I knew these pictures would come in handy one day. I was supposed to show them to my Latin teacher but obviously, I forgot.”

I moved onto my stomach and took his phone. I squinted at the Latin words.

“How do you even read this?”

“I’m taking Latin, duh.”

“I knew that.” I closed my eyes and handed his phone back to him. So, I was cursed. “So, I’m cursed?”

Sam shook his head, “I don’t think it’s like that. You’re a normal person but from a line of these people that can jump through time….” Sam stopped talking. “You said you went through the day again? This is why. You jumped through time. You have to jump back to your own time and then learn how to control it.”

I opened my eyes and glared at Sam, confused.

“I don’t know how.”

Ok, so I just wasted a lot of time and space on writing something that wasn’t true. Sam took me home and then left because he wanted to go back to school. He said he wanted to stay and be my best friend but he just had to go. Then someone came to the door and I recognised him as the cloaked man. I screamed and closed the door in his face. The man stayed at the front door. I hovered at the foot of the stairs leading to the one room above the rest of the house. That room was Michael’s. No one set foot up there.

The cloaked figure, with his green eyes not unlike mine in any way, waited patiently for me to re-open the door and invite him in. Somehow, I knew he wasn’t going to hurt me.

“Who are you?” I asked shakily as he comfortably took a seat at the kitchen table. I took a seat at the other side of the table. “Why are you following me?” He took his hood away from his head, revealing a mess of auburn curls just like mine.

“You didn’t really think that you belong to this family of do-nothings, did you?” He asked me. He had an accent, but it was from no country on Earth. I stared at him, appalled.

“Don’t think you can just come in here and say stuff about my family.” I said. But in my heart I knew he was true. My parents never talked about conceiving me like they did with my brothers. There weren’t even any pictures of me as a baby.

“Yet you know in your heart that it is the truth that I speak to you.” He bowed his head towards me and took an apple from the dish in the middle of the table. He bit into it, and I watched as he chewed and then swallowed the mouthful. “I technically don’t need to eat, yet it is pleasing to the stomach.”

He smiled and raised the apple towards me before taking another bite. His green eyes flashed black and he sighed.

“You know this is in the past? All of this is the past. Our present- your present- is Wednesday. And right now, it is awaiting our return.” He checked his pocket watch.

“Wait, I never caught your name…”

“Call me Stone for now. Now, Elodie, take my arm and I will return us to the present.”

I looked around, not sure where he was going to take me. I put my hand on his muscular arm and closed my eyes. I opened them to see the exact same scene that I had left behind. Except it was morning again. Stone watched me closely for my reaction. He then handed me a card which was a shiny turquoise colour.

“Go to that address at 4:30 this afternoon. Everything will be explained.”

The End

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