Chapter 3: CalumMature

Walking down the hallway on a sunny Wednesday, I saw Riana, the nice girl who had introduced herself to me this morning. She was standing with Elodie. Elodie, the girl who I recognised in sport this morning... Elodie made no movement to recognise me although Riana waved me over. I don’t know why I was walking over to a group of girls. A guy needs some dignity. But this Elodie, who I had never spoken to in my life, somehow knew me, and somehow, I knew her.

“Elodie, Isabelle, Sam, this is Calum. He’s new here.” Riana introduced me to her friends. She introduced me to Elodie.

Isabelle and Elodie gave me a shy wave each and I searched and searched Elodie’s eyes for some sort of recognition. Sam shook my hand and although I did want to make more male friends, I couldn’t stop staring into Elodie’s eyes. Elodie bit her lip and shook her auburn hair out of her face.

Riana decided that she wanted coffee and so we all began to follow her to the coffee machine and I was kind of embarrassed. I wanted to make friends, but I didn’t really want to be seen with a bunch of girls and a guy who seemed to be super gay.

“No offence, but I want to go and meet some other people…” I trailed off. Riana stopped dead. She shook her head.
“We can introduce you to people! Don’t leave.” Riana pleaded. Elodie touched her arm.

“Ri, if he wants to go, let him go.” She whispered soothingly. I stared at Elodie again and she stared at me, her eyes didn’t change colour this time. She held my gaze and stared me down until I looked away.

Riana nodded reluctantly. She glanced up at me and then to Elodie and then back to me. Then she pointed down the hallway towards a bunch of girls.

“Turn left at the end. The jocks hang out there. I’m sure you’d fit in perfectly.” She said. It was said in such a snarky tone that it hurt. I shoved my hands deep into my pockets. I swivelled on one foot and began to walk away from them.

At the end of the hall, I looked back for a moment to see Elodie staring at me. Sam looked at her and nodded once. Someone passed in front of me and Elodie had disappeared again. No one seemed to notice her disappearance.

I continued walking, having no clue where I was going. I couldn’t get her out of my mind. Elodie, wearing that orange bandana and her auburn hair swept up into a messy ponytail.

Then it hit me like a bus. She had been the one to save me all those years ago.

The End

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