Orange BandanaMature

I am currently reposting this with the slightly more edited version. Keep in mind I was like 14 when I wrote this. I am also fusing this and the second one together (at the end)

The bandana was tied tightly around her head, holding her auburn hair back. In my eyes, she was absolutely gorgeous. The only problem, was that something else seemed to be drawing me towards her; something unidentifiable.

My eyes travelled the planes of her face; starting with her full red lips and then her pink cheeks. My eyes lifted and I stared into her beautiful eyes... In the light, they shone green- a bright, emerald green- when shadows passed over, her eyes turned black. Dull and black.

I had heard her laughing earlier- and when she laughed…. Her voice echoed through the hall. I knew I had seen her before, but where? My mind reeled and whirred like a machine and I crossed my arms, feeling as though, if I did not, I would fall apart like a broken toy. A draft entered the hall and I shivered. I watched as she shuddered with sudden cold.

I knew I knew her. I remembered seeing her wearing that orange bandana. She looked up at the swinging lights and stiffened. Her suddenly black eyes turned and flashed green as she settled them on me.  She frowned, a crease appearing between her eyebrows. I knew she knew me. She crossed her arms, mirroring mine and cocked her head to the left.

She gave me a tentative smile and a ray of sunlight shone through the row of windows near the roof.  Her eyes transfigured from black to green and locked onto mine. I blinked and suddenly she wasn’t looking at me anymore but I could see her panicking- shaking with wide eyes.

 I blinked again and she was gone.

And I remembered her name.

The End

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