Chapter 1 Part 5

Part 5

Queen Aequm, 22ndruler of the 11thruling dynasty, was a beautiful woman. Flawless, her ebony skin complimented her dark ringlets of curled hair and deep golden eyes. Short and strong built; she was looked upon with majesty and awe by her subjects, and grew into a well-loved queen.

She was known for her affection and kindness, but conflict diluted the universality of her virtues.  Known as “The Savior Queen” by some, and “The Queen Traitor” by others, it was during her 8thyear of rule that she proclaimed the Anubitians to be free from their bonds of slavery. It was perhaps the most historic event to occur since the Revoltijo massacres.

Most exhibited at least tolerance towards the Anubitians; some no longer bore the grudge of their ancestors, but others, brooded in the underwater, spiting and cursing the queen’s decree, they were known as the Radicalists.
Lost to reason and servant to tradition, the Radicalists rose against their queen’s order. The Oberous Radicalists believed that it was betrayal to the ancient decree, almost at the level of treason for which the Queen would damn them all; Anubitian Radicalists (it is strange what servitude and fear can do to a creature) believed that they were being denied their duty and right to repentance and forgiveness. It is strange, how the festering wounds of the past infect the future.

Queen Aequm paid no heed to their protests. She promised equality before stepping upon her mother’s throne, and hence, it had to be done.

“When the light dawns on day, we shall all be free
Be it may dim moon or yellow sun
Runned years has its course run
and it is time the ghost was at peace
 With nail and stone and sepulcher
Pieced upon the pasts feet
And left to the Earth’s decree.”

She blew a spell, asking her words to be carried into the air and wind, to protect her land.

She closed her eyes and softly placed her hand upon her stomach, she smiled, scared but sure as she softly spoke, “I will have you born in a world free.” The smell of Punicherry flowers drifted into the air, sweet and pungent. 
She bore That Child within her.

The End

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